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The Best Dynamic Duos/Alliances

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As I mentioned in my What I Love Wednesday this week, I love Big Brother. I've been counting down the days until the new extended season premiere. (1 week and 4 days but whose counting). 

I think I've watched this promo/commercial 100 times...did I mention I LOVE Big Brother?

I mentioned in my past post I was going to a weekly recap of the season. But with the weeks leading up to the season and since I've never written about them before you guys I figured I count down who I think are the best and worst in a few different categories, starting with the best Dynamic Duos and Alliances.

We'll start with Alliances because there is only one alliance, (That had more then 2 players part of it) that I can think of who was successful and that is the Brigade from season 12.

From LtoR: Hayden Moss (The Animal), Matt Hoffman (The Brains, because he was the brains behind the operation but still managed to get blindsided), Enzo Palumbo (The Meow meow) and Lane Elenburg (the Beast)
Sorry, that's the best picture I could get of them. The reason that I consider them the best alliance is because 3 out of the 4 made it to the final three, basically they won. I also consider them one of the best because when the three who made to the finals realized that Matt was holding them back they found a away to blindside him and get him evicted. The final reason is because they managed to play almost EVERYONE into believing that they were only friends and not working together. A final reason was...oh yeah did I mention, this alliance was formed Day 1 and made through all the drama and tension that the Big Brother house has? In my opinion that's like starting and ending high school with the same Best Friend.

Next are the duos starting with Adam and Shelia from Big Brother 9.

From Left to Right: Sheila Kenedey and Adam Jasinski
Adam and Shelia are from possibly the worst season in Big Brother history, the Till Death Do Us Part season.  In this Season the producer of Big Brother decided to play match maker and make them play as partners. When they first started Shelia was mad that she and Adam were partnered up because she wanted one of the bad boys or sexy boys. In the end they made it to the final three. By hating each other they ended up really protecting each other.

Next were Eric and Jessica from Season 8

Left to Right: Eric Stein and Jessica Hughbanks when they did a guess appearance on season 9
The odd couple with nerdy and beauty. Eric played as America's Player, where America voted on what they wanted to see Eric do. Although America wanted to see them together even as Eric was playing as America's player him and Jessica played together and made pretty far even as their alliance was being destroy by Evil Dick.

Speaking of Evil Dick, let's talk about him and daughter Danielle from season 9 and 13.

Left to Right: Danielle and Dick Donato
This picture doesn't describe these two relationship at all, the two hadn't spoken in years before being put in the Big Brother's house together. Yet the two decide to team up together and keep each other safe during their 3 month stay in the Big Brother House. Evil Dick was even willing to sacrifice his own game to see his daughter success. In their orignal season Dick won with Danielle coming in second. When the two returned season 13 Dick left for unexplained reasons and Danielle didn't have voice of reason stopping her from completely ruining her game.  

My top three favorite duos are first Jeff and Jordan season 11 and 13

Left to Right: Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Llyod
American sweethearts hit off almost instantly when they met in season 11. Some say Jeff pushed Jordan through game but I think people need to remember that Big Brother is just as much physical and mental game as a social game. The two schemed together both times they were on the show and managed to get big players out of game. 

Next is Dan and Memphis season 10

One of my favorite stories in Big Brother is when two players go to hating each other and then working together to become the winners of the show. Although Memphis wasn't the smartest guy in the world because Dan screwed him over multiple times throughout their run together. They worked together and became first and second place winner on BB10

And the best Duo is Big Brother History...Chilltown with Boogie and Dr. Will

From the first time I watch these together I loved them. They worked together to become two of the biggest legends ever to play Big Brother. They were funny, rude and down right outrageous all the makings of a good Big Brother players. And since they are winners of all time best duos/alliances in my book I figured I would share one of my favorite youtube videos of the "diary room" phone calls.

So those are all my favorite Big Brother Duos and Alliances. Are their any Big Brother fans out there? If so who are you favorite duos and Alliances? Anyone you think shouldn't be on the list?


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