Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Whodunnit Under the Dome

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Today, I'm going to do 2 series premiere reviews. Last night I watched the premiere of ABC's new dare I say reality series Whodunnit on Hulu. I also caught the series premiere of CBS' new show Under the Dome. And I have my opinions on both show.

Let' start with the flop of the two, Whodunnit. Now for anyone who knows me, or has read my blog for awhile you probably know that I am a HUGE reality TV person, so I was excited for Whodunnit, I wanted to know what ABC had up its sleeve. 

But in all honesty I was disappointed in the show. The first issue with the series was that I don't completely understand the rules. How do the contestants win? Is it whoever is left living at the end of the 13 weeks? Or is the first person to figure out who the murderer is? Does the murderer even know they are the murderer? None of these questions were answered in the first episode. 

The rules that I got out of the series are as followed:
1. Each week one contestant is murdered and it is the remaining contestants job to figure how it wa was done and who did it.
2. The remaining contestant get to investgated one area of the house either the morgue, the crime scene or the victims last known whereabouts
3. They are then given sometime to discuss what they saw and come up with theories, but they have to be careful who they talk to because they don't know who the murderer is. 
4. They are then given a clue and it is there job to figure out what it means. 
5. They then must "talk" to the murder telling them how they think they murdered the victim and who they believe the murderer is. 
6. At dinner the butler give them a card that says either "Spared" or "Scared" which means either they are safe for the night or they are targets for the night.

The rule seem simple but everyone seems fake, the series obviously isn't a reality show because of how over acted the whole thing is. And yes I know must reality shows are scripted in someway but I prefer to live in my own world where they aren't, or at least seem less acted and more realistic. 

But the thing that bothered me the must was the disclaimer at the end of the episode saying that the victims were chosen by how much knowledge they had of the crime. This makes me think that even the producer of the show don't know who the murderer will end up being. If I were the creator of this series I would hire an unknown actress (someone trying to get their start, no commercial or any TV time) and give them a character to play, that way even the audience doesn't know who the murderer is. And then each week they have to decide who gets killed and chose how it was done. 

Or maybe the whole series will end up being one big cliche and the butler will be the murderer. 

I don't think the show will be picked up for a second season, in all honesty I don't know if I'll end up watching the whole season but I'll give it a few more weeks to see if it picks up. 

tvrage.com (photo cred)

The other new show I watched last night was Under the Dome, based on a book by Stephan King and I must say I was impressed. From the very first moment it had my jaw on the ground thinking, what the-?

The story line to this series is that a small town is placed under a dome and nobody really knows why. The government didn't do it nor did the military.The town must figure out how to get out and why they were placed under dome. 

And its not going to be easy with all the crazies living in the town.  Between the sheriff with a huge secret, the college student who kidnapped his summer fling to keep in his father's fall out shelter and the killer who happened to be driving through and may or may not be a hired killer. It makes for an interesting series, one where nobody knows, even audience, who they can trust.

I would recommend the series, you can catch the first episode and be all caught up for next Monday night episode at 10 PM on CBS. Its a great show, with an awesome story and even better mystery.

Did anyone else catch either of these new series?  If you did what do you think of these new series? Let me know.


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