Friday, February 28, 2014

10 Months Blogging

Hello All,

Since this February isn't a leap year that means my Blogiversary is actually a day early this month! But none the less I have been blogging for 10 months today! I'm going to start this post with a small story. You see earlier this month I was writing a blog post about something I did and all I could think was how I can't imagine not blogging and sharing this story. It crazy to me how in just 10 month this place on the internet is something that now I can't live without!

This month has been a somewhat exciting month with the biggest thing being that I crossed my first item off my bucket list! That is crazy to me! I got nominated for 4 Liebester Awards,  which honors me beyond belief because that means people actually want to read this thing! 

But now its time to take a look back at this month and look ahead at what's to come!

Monthly Stats:
-7944 Page views
-249 Published Post
Most Read Posts:
**Written in the last Month (Jan 29 -Feb 27)**
TGBTL: Who I Thought I'd Be
COLLEGE TIP: Being Sick In College
**Written anytime in the last 10 months***
Bucket List Recap (From August 2013)
What I Love Wednesday...Teen Wolf
Bucket List Recap (October 2013)
My Favorite Post of the Month:
This month is once again a tie between FAITH! and TGBTL: Who I Thought I'd Be
Post Coming Up This Month:
-Meet My Blogging Big!
-My first check-in with my New Year Resolutions 
-A special birthday post
-A continuation of my newest series "The World According to Emma Gets Ready to Set Sail"
Events Coming Up This Month:
-My Cousin's wedding (tomorrow!)
-Spring Break!
-My 20th Birthday
-Going to Broadway
-Fundraiser for Future Teacher's Club

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hello All,
I don't know about you guys but this week as been dragging on like nothing else. Maybe its because I get to go home this weekend for the whole weekend. The last time I was home was 1 night over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend and I am so homesick now.
But its Thursday and around these parts it means its time to countdown and get excited for my Disney Cruise happening in 79 day!
This week I'm going to talk to you about one of the coolest part of the newer Disney ships which is the Aqua Duck!
For those of you who have never heard of this it bascially a water roller coaster that goes all around the deck and for about 10 seconds you feel like your are flying over the ocean. How? Well if you look down all you see is the ocean. How cool is that?
And now here are some fun facts about this awesome ride on board a ride.
-The slide itself is 765 feet long!
-Located on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy Ship
-Enterance of the slide is located on the 12th deck
-Designed to be like a rollar coaster 
-You must be at least 42 inches to ride!
-Must be able to board the ride without assitant
-It is suggested that you wear your swimsuit
-May be closed because of storms or strong winds
-The first water rollar coaster at sea!
I was really excited to write this post because on my last Disney Cruise I actually go to on the Aqua Duck! Although the line was long it was very much worth it. The only downside to doing is the line is outside on the deck in the direct sun so it is HOT! And you can't wear you flip flops because no lose items are aloud on the ride. If I remember correctly the cast members on the ship to spray down the steps with water to make it a little cooler. But all in all the ride is awesome and a must try if you go one of the ships.
The line waiting to get on
And now a special video a treat. A POV ride along video of Aqua Duck! Enjoy!
During the Day
And night
I'm so excited to get back on the AquaDuck and try it again! Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise AquaDuck? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TGBTL: Meeting Them in Real Life

Hello All,

Once again I am linking up with the lovely Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange for her weekly link-up The Girl Between the Lines. Each week they give a different topic so that readers can get to know the bloggers they read better. 

Girl Between the Lines Link up

This week's topic is if you could meet any blogger, celebrity or public figure who would it be and why. Being me, I couldn't decide who I would want to meet more so I'm going to tell you a few different people I would love to meet. Fair?

I have a few bloggers who I would love to meet but the one who I would love to meet the most would have to be the lovely, Paige, from the The Sticky Note Addict. All over blog posts and emails we have exchanged she seems so sweet. Plus her blog is so successful so I would love to talk to her all about the bloggy world! Also I would want to meet her adorable pup Gatsby! If you haven't checked her out make sure you do.
The Sticky Note Addict

Since I started blogging back in April 2013 (my 1 year is coming up) I started watching Youtube Vlogs. I'm not the normal youtuber who likes cat videos or make up gurus. Instead, strangely enough I love Mommy Vlogs and my two favorite are teenage moms, but they seems amazingly sweet.
First is Vanessa who is amazing Mom of a little girl, Lily who has Turner Syndrome. The two of them are so sweet and fun loving. Plus Vanessa has shown her daughter to never let her disabilities get in the way.
The other lovely lady who I love to watch is Britney who is Mommy to Aria and has Baby #2 on the way. I've gotten so emotional involved in their story that I almost cried when I found out that she was pregnant. Plus her announcement video was too cute!
If I'm still blogging when I get pregnant, expect something adorable from me as well!
But the coolest thing about these lovely ladies are that they are real life friends who meet via youtube. I think its so cool!
Celebrity/Public Figure:
I know you all know one of the people on this part of the list but we'll save him for last.
The first "Public Figure" I would want to meet is no longer with us but he such an amazing inspiration. I wish I had the guts do follow my dream like he did. This amazing man would be Walt Disney!
The next is a lovely lady by the name of Holland Rodden. She plays Lydia Martin on my favorite show Teen Wolf. I love her character Lydia, she beautiful, smart, strong and just plain amazing! And everything I've read about Holden is that she pretty similar! Plus, I want her closest and her hair. I guess you could say Holden is my girl crush!

Recently I've been watching Switched at Birth with their new actor, Max Adler. His character on Switched at Birth. Like he is totally the type of guy I would date! I would love to know what he's like in person.
And of course I would love to meet Dylan O'Brien. Anybody surprised? I mean why wouldn't I want to meet the celeb I'm totally crushing on he's gah, I can't. Love him!
If you could meet anyone in real life who would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tori Comes to College

Hello All,

If you've been around these parts for a while you know that I had a Sophomore Year Goal to have one of my friends from back home come visit me at college. Well this weekend I accomplished this goals because one of my very best friends in the whole world came and visited me. This very good friend is Tori! 

The morning that Tori came didn't start out that great though because you see I was cleaning my room and I grabbed my shower cady where my razor head was facing blade up and sliced my finger on it. It hurt like a mother well you now. I was actually worried that Tori would have to bring me to the ER so I could get stitches. Luckily it eventually stopped bleeding and I was ready to enjoy my time. And if Mama J is reading this, sorry I forgot to tell you about my finger and that this how your finding out. 

Finally Tori got here and we spent Friday night being extremely lazy. We laid in my bed and talked for the first part of the afternoon, which is exactly what I needed! Mandi also came over for a little while and two of my best friends got to meet which was cool. 

A little while later I took Tori to a fancy dinner at the dinning hall. Can you sense the sarcasm that line or did that not come across?  

After dinner we went back to my dorm and watched a couple episodes of MTV's new reality show, which I will probably write a post about because I'm obsessed with the show and I like to write about what I'm obsessed with here on this old bloggy here. We also watched When Harry Met Sally, God I love that movie and another movie I never heard but was really good, Mystic Pizza. 

I didn't take any picture from this day because I needed time with my best friend that wasn't being documented or anything, we just relaxed. 

The next morning we got up and got ready for our day. We then headed out to spend sometime in New Haven! Yale to be more exact. Our first stop though was Chiplote, it was Tori's first experience there and she said she liked it. I have been obsessed with Mexican food recently so I was happy to go there as well. 

We then started exploring Yale! God I love Yale, I think its so beautiful and such an amazing campus. While we were exploring we noticed all these guys walking around wearing bunny ears! So, after about 5-10 minutes of wondering why we finally stopped one of them and asked why? He told us he was doing a sociology project. Then he started talking to us about Yale and he actually thought I went there! It was so cool and I totally wish I had gone there! He was so sweet and super cute, so if some strange reason this guy his reading this, thanks for answer our questions and your awesome! 

After talking to him I had a total fan girl moment because I saw a sign for the building that Rory Gilmore lived in in one of the season of Gilmore Girls!

We eventually made our way to the Yale bookstore/campus clothing store I did some shopping. Some thing you may not know about me is that but I am obsessed with the Ivy League schools, especially Yale. So, I went on a mini shopping spree where I bought a shirt for myself, for my little cousin and a cute pink binder.

LtoR: My cousin shirt, my binder and my shirt
 At the store we met the shop owner and he was so sweet. He talked to us for a while and he told us that his favorite part of his job is that he gets to meet people from all over the world. He was totally amazing and I would effeminately stop back in there on another day that I'm exploring Yale. 

After the shop we did a little bit more exploring of Yale, we did search for another Bunny Ear guy so we could take a picture with them but alas we never saw one. We did however take a couple selfies to prove that yes we both were at Yale. 

LtoR; Tori and Me
LtoR: Tori and Me
We eventually drove back to my campus and talked for a little bit longer and then it was time for her to go home. I was sad to see her go but we talked about maybe having her come visit me later in the spring.

I have been missing Tori so much lately and really need some good friend time with her which is exactly what this weekend was! 

Did you do anything exciting this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Frozen is a Perfect Movie

Hello All,


Okay now that we got the spoiler over with I am here to write about how perfect Disney's Frozen is!

A few weeks ago I had a girl's night with some of the girls on my floor and we watched Frozen! One it was a great time to bond with some of the lovely ladies on my floor but it was awesome so amazing to see a movie I hadn't see and was a little worried wouldn't live up to the hype. Oh but this movie did, so today I want to share some of the reasons why Frozen is perfection. 

1. It had one of the biggest plot twist in Disney history!
2. They wrote a whole song about building a snowman, that actually downloaded on my phone because I loved it that much! #NoShame

3. Olaf, is hilarious
And caring
4. Sven (yes, the reindeer) is my favorite character and I now want to name my future dog after him, even if its a girl!
5. That the movie didn't end with a wedding

6. That true love was between sisters

7. That Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make a guest appearance
 8. I'm not sure if this is true but apparently the guy in the shop right before Anna and Kristoff meet is Disney's first gay character, you see his husband in the sauna, someone told me about this, I'm not sure if its true or not but hey I still think that's pretty cool
9. The fact that Anna still loved her sister even though they didn't talk for like 10+ years
10. This movie was filled with girl power
Did you see Frozen? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Facebook Notes?

Hello All,

What's up blogging world? Does that sound cheesy? Sorry if it is. But you see I'm in a giddy mood. Why? Well you see I'm writing this post a WHOLE week in a advance and tomorrow (the day before Valentine's day here in the time that I'm writing) I have a snow day! 

Anyways I was procrastinating taking my anthro online quiz and came across a post that the lovely Natalie wrote a while ago and was like I want to do my own version! But you can check her post right here

But anyways do you remember those Facebook notes that everyone used to do? You know, the ones where they would ask you who was the last person you kissed? What does your last text message say? etc...

Any ways I decided to throw it back so I went to my Facebook page, went back in my notes and I'm going to show you the old answer as well as the new ones, I want to see how much I've grown. 

So, let's check out a note circa December 2009, so I was a sophomore in high school which perf because I'm a sophomore in college. Please don't judge me too much. Also its titled snow day so that's perfect!

Q: You going to be one hundred percent honest? 
2009: why not 
2014: I'll try
Q: If your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you tonight, what would you do? 
2009: i wouldn't cry cuz i don't have no 
2014: Don't worry bloggy world you aren't missing anything I still am a single pringle so I could be very confused
Q: What are you wearing on your feet? 
2009: nail polish 
2014: Apparantly I was feeling sassy back in 2009. But today I am wearing my neon pink socks and my sock monkey slippers.
Q: Has the opposite sex ever written you a poem? 
2009: no 
2014: sadly the answers the same. 
Q: Do you think a lot of people think bad things about you? 
2009: i don't care if they do 
2014: Probs but really could care less, live and let live.
Q: Was last night enjoyable for you? 
2009: i guess 
2014: I was very grouchy but I did watch Teen Wolf and Are you the One
Q: Do you change your phone background a lot? 
2009: no my is from months ago 
2014: No, mine is from Thanksgiving but its my little cousin and he's adorbs so its all good. My lock screen has been my lock screen for as long as I've had it. 
Q: How's your heart lately? 
2009: just confused 
2014: I never understood these questions like are you asking me if I've been happy or about my love life?
Q: If you were being chased by an alligator, what would you do? 
2009: run in a zig zag because that's supposed to confuse them 
2014: I would probably run in zig zag, 2009 me wasn't too stupid I guess. 
Q: Are you happy? 
2009: yes 
2014: I'm feeling very indifferent today. 
Q: Do you want to tell someone how you feel? 
2009: no because i want to know how he feels first 
2014: When I say I'm a single pringle I mean there is NO ONE in my life right now.
Q: Ever gave a really long apology? 
2009: yes 
2014: Apparently I have but I don't remember it. 
Q: Has anyone told you they don't ever wanna lose you? 
2009: no 
2014: Not in a cute romantic way, but all the people who have said that have walked out of my life so there is that.
Q: Who was the last person you high fived? 
2009: idr someone though 
2014: I don't remember the last time I got a high five. 
Q: Whats the last thing that made you smile? 
2009: the group that christine joined about solving for x. 
2014: I don't know what I was saying in 2009 sorry. But now I don't remember probably something I was watching. 
Q: Will you be in a relationship next month? 
2009: maybe 
2014: Realistically no, but you never know right. 
Q: Who did you last yell at and why? 
2009: my mom? 
2014: Probably Mama J, something don't change. 
Q: Is your best friend pissing you off at this exact moment? 
2009: no not really 
2014: No
Q: Has anyone ever called you a bitch? 
2009: yes 
2014: Yup.
Q: Will you be a strict parent one day? 
2009: in the middle of strict and not strict 
2014: Most likely, sorry future kids
Q: Can you go in public looking like you do? 
2009: no 
2014: Yes, consider I wore it to class earlier today
Q: Do you like Olive Garden? 
2009: its okay 
2014: Yes, I really like now, something's do change. 
Q: How did you feel when you woke up? 
2009: i have to keep my eyes open to check the closing. 
2014: Grouchy, I hate mornings. 
Q: What does your hair look like? 
2009: up 
2014: Short, straight and pony tail
Q: When was the last time you saw your father? 
2009: last week 
2014: Summer
Q: Why did you last blush? 
2009: idk 
2014: talking to a cute boy 
Q: Do you like your life as it is now? 
2009: yes 
2014: Its a little stressful but I like it.
Q: Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? 
2009: yes but he doesn't have my number unless he's a creeper so he won't call me. 
2014: A boy, sure if he already has my number, if he sweeted talked it out of one of my friend that's weird so nah. But a friend sure, I might not answer, its on the other side of my bed charging. 
Q: Have you been kissed by someone who's name starts with a J? 
2009: no 
2014: Something never change. ;) 
Q: Do you drink coffee? 
2009: no 
2014: I don't like it. 
Q: Do you crack your knuckles? 
2009: i just did 
2014: Yeah probs more then I should
Q: Do you get along with girls? 
2009: yes 
2014: Yes, I a lot of my friends are female
Q: Do you like surprises? 
2009: depends on what they are 
2014: Normally no, I like to plan. 
Q: Are you listening to any music? 
2009: no the t.v. 
2014: I'm watching Youtube
Q: When was the last time you laughed really hard? 
2009: math class 
2014: Yesterday in my COM class
Q: Last awkward moment? 
2009: idk 
2014: I don't remember
Q: Have you ever liked someone older than you? 
2009: yes 
2014: Not by much
Q: Think of the person who's hurt you the most in the past year, who is it? 
2009: someone 
2014 Nobody, its been a pretty good year
Q: In the past week have you cried? 
2009: yes 
2014: yes
Q:Do you have a crush on anyone? 
2009: yes why yes i do 
2014: Nope, there is nobody I know well enough to like. 
Q: How many different people of the opposite sex have you cried over? 
2009: none 
2014: One
Q: Are you tan? 
2009: no im pale 
2014: I call myself Casper the Ghost
Q: What do you miss? 
2009: nap time
2014: Going home every weekend!

So, that's a slight look at what I was like in 2009. Want to see a picture?

So, Happy Friday! This weekend is exciting because one of my best friend is coming to visit me at college! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

GETTING READY TO SET SAIL: Quick Service Places {Week 3}

Hello All,

Happy Thursday! On the World According to Emma that means its time to learn some things about Disney's Cruise, the Fantasy!

Today I'm going to talk to you about the Quick Service options that the Fantasy has aboard the ship. When I went on my other Disney Cruises I know I utilized the quick service places because most of the time Mama J and I only did a sit down meal once a day. Aboard the Fantasy there are three places that are consider quick service

 -Located on the 11th deck
--Has indoor and outdoor seating
-Has a variety of fresh foods
-During breakfast & lunch served buffet style
-You can't wear swimwear when eating at Cabanas. 

Eye Scream and Frozone Treats
-Located on the 11th deck
-Located near Donald's Pool, you can get some cool treats 
-Frozone sells smoothies and Eye Scream serves ice cream

Flo's Cafe 
-Located on the 11th deck
-Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
-Has 3 stations within it including, Luig's Pizza, Tow Mater's Grill and Filamore's Favorite
-Normally open from 11 AM to 7 PM except the day that the ship is docked at castaway cay

Those are the quick service places on the Fantasy. Is there anything you would like to learn about in this feature? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That Night {Part 2}

Hello All,

Today on the blog I'm adding the second installment of my short piece of Fiction, "That Night", if you haven't read the first part you do it Part 1!

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" the sound continues over and over, she can slightly see the light through her heavy eyelids. Her eyelids aren't the only heavy part of her body that was heavy, just about everything was heavy, all the way down to her little toe. 

She breathed deeply and slowly opened her eyes to find her self staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, she rolled her head to the side to see a man, probably close to 30 asleep in the chair, she didn't know him. She rolled her head slowly to the other side to where the bed side table was. There was a bouquet of purple flower, she rolled her eyes, she hated purple. Next to it was two homemade cards, the first one was on yellow paper with all sorts of blue lines all over the place. The other one was pink with black words that read, "Get Better Mama!". 

she looked forward once again and stared at the wall, where was she?  

A nursing in light blue scrubs walked into her room, "Well hello Mrs. Matherson." She walks around to her arm and started playing with her tubes coming out of her arms. "How are you feeling today?"

"Where am I?

"Oh, Mrs. Matherson, you must be so confused you were in a car accident a few nights ago, you hit your head pretty bad."

"Why do you keep calling me Mrs. Matherson?"

I'm sorry would your rather I call you Samantha?" The nurse asked, there a was a slight stir from her left.

"Oh sweetie, you're awake, how are you feeling?"

"Whose Samantha? Who he's? Where's mom? Is he okay?"

The man's eyes slightly filled with tears, "Don't you remember me Sami? I'm Alex, your husband."

"My husband! I'm only 15, my first boyfriend broke up with me right before the accident," her head started racing 1,000 of miles an hour, her chest tighten, her heart was beating out of her chest, breathing seemed like a foreign act and her eyes once again felt heavy. Until she let her head fall back against her pillow and land back in the dark. 

To Be Continued... 

TGBTL: Top 5 Pins Lately

Hello All,

Today I am once again linking up with the awesome Hayley for her weekly Link-Up the Girl Between the Lines. Each week they give us a topic so that you can get to know the people behind the blogs that you read. 

Girl Between the Lines Link up

This week's topic is what are your top 5 favorite pins you've pinned recently.

I love this topic because I have recently rediscovered my love for Pinterest! I blame all the snow because I have nothing else to do on all these snow days!

Over the past probably 2 weekish I have been pinning a lot of pins in two categories, fashion and future stuff, because of that I want to show you 5 from each of those categories, mainly because I can't decide. Also the five are in no particular order


And those are my top favorite recent pins! Make sure you head over to the link-up and check out everyone else's favorite pins!

What are your favorite pins recently? Let me know in the comments below!