Friday, February 28, 2014

10 Months Blogging

Hello All,

Since this February isn't a leap year that means my Blogiversary is actually a day early this month! But none the less I have been blogging for 10 months today! I'm going to start this post with a small story. You see earlier this month I was writing a blog post about something I did and all I could think was how I can't imagine not blogging and sharing this story. It crazy to me how in just 10 month this place on the internet is something that now I can't live without!

This month has been a somewhat exciting month with the biggest thing being that I crossed my first item off my bucket list! That is crazy to me! I got nominated for 4 Liebester Awards,  which honors me beyond belief because that means people actually want to read this thing! 

But now its time to take a look back at this month and look ahead at what's to come!

Monthly Stats:
-7944 Page views
-249 Published Post
Most Read Posts:
**Written in the last Month (Jan 29 -Feb 27)**
TGBTL: Who I Thought I'd Be
COLLEGE TIP: Being Sick In College
**Written anytime in the last 10 months***
Bucket List Recap (From August 2013)
What I Love Wednesday...Teen Wolf
Bucket List Recap (October 2013)
My Favorite Post of the Month:
This month is once again a tie between FAITH! and TGBTL: Who I Thought I'd Be
Post Coming Up This Month:
-Meet My Blogging Big!
-My first check-in with my New Year Resolutions 
-A special birthday post
-A continuation of my newest series "The World According to Emma Gets Ready to Set Sail"
Events Coming Up This Month:
-My Cousin's wedding (tomorrow!)
-Spring Break!
-My 20th Birthday
-Going to Broadway
-Fundraiser for Future Teacher's Club

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