Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TGBTL: Meeting Them in Real Life

Hello All,

Once again I am linking up with the lovely Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange for her weekly link-up The Girl Between the Lines. Each week they give a different topic so that readers can get to know the bloggers they read better. 

Girl Between the Lines Link up

This week's topic is if you could meet any blogger, celebrity or public figure who would it be and why. Being me, I couldn't decide who I would want to meet more so I'm going to tell you a few different people I would love to meet. Fair?

I have a few bloggers who I would love to meet but the one who I would love to meet the most would have to be the lovely, Paige, from the The Sticky Note Addict. All over blog posts and emails we have exchanged she seems so sweet. Plus her blog is so successful so I would love to talk to her all about the bloggy world! Also I would want to meet her adorable pup Gatsby! If you haven't checked her out make sure you do.
The Sticky Note Addict

Since I started blogging back in April 2013 (my 1 year is coming up) I started watching Youtube Vlogs. I'm not the normal youtuber who likes cat videos or make up gurus. Instead, strangely enough I love Mommy Vlogs and my two favorite are teenage moms, but they seems amazingly sweet.
First is Vanessa who is amazing Mom of a little girl, Lily who has Turner Syndrome. The two of them are so sweet and fun loving. Plus Vanessa has shown her daughter to never let her disabilities get in the way.
The other lovely lady who I love to watch is Britney who is Mommy to Aria and has Baby #2 on the way. I've gotten so emotional involved in their story that I almost cried when I found out that she was pregnant. Plus her announcement video was too cute!
If I'm still blogging when I get pregnant, expect something adorable from me as well!
But the coolest thing about these lovely ladies are that they are real life friends who meet via youtube. I think its so cool!
Celebrity/Public Figure:
I know you all know one of the people on this part of the list but we'll save him for last.
The first "Public Figure" I would want to meet is no longer with us but he such an amazing inspiration. I wish I had the guts do follow my dream like he did. This amazing man would be Walt Disney!
The next is a lovely lady by the name of Holland Rodden. She plays Lydia Martin on my favorite show Teen Wolf. I love her character Lydia, she beautiful, smart, strong and just plain amazing! And everything I've read about Holden is that she pretty similar! Plus, I want her closest and her hair. I guess you could say Holden is my girl crush!

Recently I've been watching Switched at Birth with their new actor, Max Adler. His character on Switched at Birth. Like he is totally the type of guy I would date! I would love to know what he's like in person.
And of course I would love to meet Dylan O'Brien. Anybody surprised? I mean why wouldn't I want to meet the celeb I'm totally crushing on he's gah, I can't. Love him!
If you could meet anyone in real life who would it be? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I would totally have loved to have lunch with Walt Disney!!! I loved going to Disney World just to have pictures taken with the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue! :) Great choice, girl! Visiting from TGBTL linkup.

    1. He was amazing! Thanks for stopping by and reading! :)

  2. Walt Disney is such a good pick! That video is toooo cute!

    1. Thank you! I think it would beyond amazing to have lunch with him!


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