Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hello All,

I feel like its been so long since I've been able to write a Travel Thursday post. I've gone on a few mini vacations to my Grandma's house in New Hampshire but I haven't gone on a real vacation since my Spring Break trip (Read all about it here). I've been itching to go on another trip, even making mock plans for trips to my dream vacations locales. 

But now it's officially time to announce my next vacation that my mom and I have been planning since I was a freshmen in college. We were constantly looking at the pictures online and looking at options for our trip and discussing it constantly. 

This isn't our first time doing this type of trip, actually this is the fourth time we've done a trip like this and the second time I'm talking about a trip like this on my blog.

So, what are we doing? We are going on....

A Disney Cruise!

In exactly 100 days from the day this post is published we will be setting sail on a Disney Cruise. We are planning on going on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise that will port in Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman Island and of course Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. 

Much like my past trips I plan to do some pre-trip Travel Thursday updates talking about all the things that we will be doing and the plans we have. I've planned out enough to do every week between now and the cruise with the exception of a few weeks that I'm leaving blank for catch-up or if I stay on track will be taken over by finals week. As always my goal is to produce a post each week but I make no promises because I know that sometimes (a lot in my case) life gets in the way. I can't wait to share more details as the next 100 days go on.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lost in the right direction?

Hello All,

This a post that I have been waiting to write pretty much since I posted this post 2 years ago. But I couldn't write it at first because I had no idea how to write this post because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. I went through so many ideas of careers from Hollywood/news producer, to social work even stopping back at high school teacher. But none of those seemed to be the right fit. 

For a long while I figured I would apply for every job that was available and hope for the best. But then I started working for my university and fell in love with my job. One day I was raving about it to my mom or freaking out that I didn't know what I wanted to do, which isn't the point. The point is  my mom told me she always thought I'd do well working at university and she felt even more so after seeing the love I have for my job.

After she mentioned that I started really thinking about and realized that I could see myself working in residence life, student life or the first year programs at a university. If fits a lot of what I wanted out of a career such as working with teens/early adults, making an impact or a difference on people lives and an office job that isn't just sitting behind a desk, pushing paper all day.

I started researching the steps I'd have to take to get there and it looks like I will have to get my masters in higher education counseling. Many of the programs I have looked into require that you have some sort of psych background which at the moment I don't have.  Which means that I will probably be going back to school in January, part time to get  some psych pre-reqs, while working full time at some entry level university job.

At this point I'm still a little lost about where I'm going next but for the first time in almost 3 and half years I'm not scared out of my mind. I'm actually confident about the direction I'm going in and excited for what life after college holds, which starts in approximately 95 days (but whose counting).

I don't regret any of the hops I had to jump through in order to this place in my life. Its been hard and stressful at times but I honestly and truly believe it happened for a reason. I can't wait to share my future with you guys (even if it's not job related).

And for the people who have been there every step of this journey, thank you, your support has been more than appreciated.