Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hello All,

Faith is a topic that written about a lot out here the blogsphere. Our blog is a place where we can share our opinions and find comfort in knowing that maybe someone out there will feel the same. I don't talk about it a lot mainly because I don't know what I really know what I believe. 

But today I want to share a story with you guys. Some aspects of the story I'm not going to share mainly because its not my story to share. That's a small disclaimer. 

In high school I wasn't overly religious but I did believe in God. Many people would ask why I had such a stronger believe in him. You can't see him so how do you believe in him? I didn't have real prove except for the fact that every time I prayed for something it seemed to work out. 

But after my senior year things started to change. Someone I love very much got sick. She was very sick and they thought they had fixed it but everything started to go wrong again. The fix was no longer a fix. I looked it as God had betrayed m and the person I loved.

Over the last year or so I pretty much changed my mind on how I felt about God. I became one of those people who use to ask me how I could have a belief that is so strong. 

But the other day my texted me telling me to keep this person in my prayers. I felt so desperate in that moment I truly prayed for the first time in a long time.

I went to my classes and did my work and when I got out my called me telling me that they thought they had found another better fix. I heard this news and I almost started crying in the middle of my schools student center because for the first time in a long time a pray was answered.

Now a few days later I still don't know what I believe. I don't know if I believe in God or maybe it was just fate or maybe God and fate are the same thing. Because all though I'm still struggling with my beliefs I believe the more important thing is that the person I love is going to be okay. 


  1. Hey girl! Keep drawing near to God & He will draw near to you! <3 will be keeping you in prayer today!


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