Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TGBTL: Who I Thought I'd Be!

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Today I'm linking up with Hayley and Lauren for their Link-Up, The Girl Between the Lines!

Girl Between the Lines Link up

Each week they post a prompted to help readers get to know other bloggers on a more personal level. This weeks prompted (taken word for word from Hayley) is...

How did you picture this part of your life when you were younger? How is it different? How is it the same? 

Since I'm a college student, I decided that the best time to look back in his high school. Why? Because high school is the time that everyone is looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. Its the time that you most picture who you'll be in college. 

Now as bad as this might sound, I wish I was the person that the high school version of me thought I would be. But in some way I'm making strides to become that person. 

When I first entered high school I was convinced that I would be going to college in the city, New York City or Boston to be exact.  I have always loved the city and wanted to live their more then anything else in the world. I thought I would be taking the T or the subway everywhere I went! I could picture this life, clear as day.

That is the first really memory I have of who I thought I would. The next one though, I can picture having this thought so clear. I remember sitting in my junior year Trig class, I was wearing yoga pants, a sweat shir and moccasins, most college girls uniform. I remember not finding Trig all that interesting (#sorrynotsorry) so I started day-dreaming. In my day dream I was sitting in an interesting college course, and instead of a classroom it was a lecture hall. Which I still haven't had a lecture class to this day. I was taking notes on laptop instead of by pen and paper. Instead of wearing some lame over sized sweatshirt I with my college name on it. On my yoga pants it said a sorority letters. As the day dream continued the class ended and went to student center with one of my sorority sisters. 

Life seemed perfect!

Not only did I think I would a sorority girl going to school in the city but I also thought that I would be doing amazing in school and not having academic difficulties and would probably be in a relationship with the one. Which looking back on this those ideas were very naive but its who I thought I would be. 

Pretty much none of what I thought I would be doing ended up true. Its crazy how you can picture your life one way and have it turn out to be the total opposite. 

I don't know if the girl who I pictured being would be happier then the girl I turned out to be but at least I'm happy now and I still have time to complete goals that, that young girl set forth. 

Who did you picture being? Let me know in the comments below. And come back tomorrow to see what I would tell that younger version of me in a letter to me. 


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