Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If I Could Bring My Pins to Life...Wedding

Hello All,

You know those days when you lie in bed trying to fall asleep and you think about your future? No? That's just me. Okay. 

Anyways the other night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and started thinking abou the wedding that I would one day have to the man I have not yet/discovered he's the one. I thought about all the pins i had pinned and how they would one day come to life and decided why not share that with all of you lovely people who may just be reading this one day when these pins really do come to life. Man, I really hope I'm still blogging then. 

Most of these come of my "One Day When I Get Married" board on pinterest check it out here but some are just things I have thought of and wanted to share.

I think is an absolutely adorable way to ask a bridesmaid to be bridesmaid. Be on the look at future bridesmaids for a box like this.

I think this is such a cute way to remember the vows you say at your wedding.

I went on to write the whole post about this and the girl had her fiancé write her a note on the bottom of her shoe before she put it on and was not allowed to read until after the ceremony. Although I don't think most men would do this I still think it be beyond cute. So this one that I don't think will ever happen but I wanted to share it.

This is a must. Instead of traditional table numbers it is different years of life and its pictures of the couple (separately) during that year. So if the table was 1995 it would be a picture of 1 year old me. And then the table for the bride and groom would be the year they met with their first picture together. So, if I met him tomorrow (I know fat chance) it would say 2014.

My next section is filled with wedding photography that hopefully my photographer will be will to take for me.
If it rains

I want to get married in the fall.

Bride, groom and groom's mother. I think this one is so cute, especially if they make that face of little kid.

A little Cinderella action

This one is a must!

My other bridal party must

I want a bunch of first looks. The bridesmaid first look, Mama J's first look, Father's first look and the man of my dream's first look at me in my dress. My favorite is the girl in the middle whose Jaw just dropped.

I also would love one of these songs to be our first dance. I know that they will probably change when I meet the guy or see how our relationship grows but these are just my favorites right now.

First off Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore.


You had me from Hello by Kenny Chesney.

So, are how my pins would come to life for a wedding. Do you have wedding pins? What is your favorite thing to pin? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Would be a post about love without my celebrity love Dylan O'Brien.



  1. Cute! Pinterest is so addicting! A friend of mine just asked everyone to be bridesmaids with the RingPop idea - super cute way to get everyone excited about the wedding.


    1. I would love to do that, or do some creative way to ask the bridesmaid. Thanks for stopping by and reading! xoxo, Emma.


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