Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Can Never Really Go Back Home

Hello All,

There are so many famous sayings about "Home"! Like, "Home is where your heart is," "You can never really go back home," or "Home is where you are happiest." And I think those are ALL true. 

The one that probably shocks people the most is, "You can never really go back home." And that expression never seemed true to me until recently and I don't mean it the most drastic way. But the let me tell you the story. 

The other day I drove my co-worker, we'll call her Jane for her privacy. And we talked most of the 10 minute drive to her place and for a little long time after we got there. I talked to her about how where we work, the city where we worked had started to feel more like home then my hometown. And she told me she completely agreed. 

That got me thinking and this thought continued while I went home for the long weekend of MLK Jr. Day. And I thought of all the things that I had at home. 

My big comfy bed

Mama J

The ability to shower without having to wear shower shoes. 

Then I thought about all things I had at school, my new home. 

My friends

My roommate

My job and awesome co-workers

My extra curricular activities

The community that my school has created.

When I was driving back to my dorm after winter break I was thinking, "Okay, I'm going home." Soon I'll see my friends again. 

When I go home to Mama J's house I still think I'm going home but I also think that I am going to my CHILDHOOD home.  And I believe this very normal. 

As we grow up we start to put down our own roots instead of the roots our parent had put down. Making the places we are home. Right now where I go to school is my temporary home, I don't know if I will stay in the same city/state after I graduate but for now school is my home. 

Yes, I will visit my childhood home and there is ALWAYS the possibility that I will move back there after I graduate but my school home is now my home and the house I grew up in is my childhood home. In some ways that is sad to me because it shows me how much I have grown up. But its exciting in the same way. 

I still love going back to my childhood home because it is warm and inviting. I get to Mama J who I always miss and love to be around but when I go back to school I am home. 

So, tell me, what do you think? Can you really ever go back home? Let me know in the comments below. 

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