Friday, January 17, 2014

And Spring Semester Begins!

Hello All,

Spring Semester is here and its time to go back to school. I feel determined this semester and ready to see what this semester might bring. I started classes on Monday and had all five  within the first two days! And what would a college blog be without talking about it?

Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I get to sleep until about 8:50! Which is awesome. But this morning I woke up around 8 because I heard Hannah's Alarm go off and I always wake up somewhat early on the first few days because I'm excited for the new semester. 

Almost as soon as I got out of bed my head start to hurt with what I thought was a stress headache but SPOILER ALERT the headache NEVER went away all day! Hopefully I'm not getting sick! I got all nice and pretty for the day.

My first class of the day was English 307 which is a lit class all about analyzing it. I'm a little worried about this class but I love English and I'm kind of excited for the challenge. Also in my class was my real life and bloggy friend Natalie and one of my dorm neighbors Natalie!

My next class was a philosophy. The teacher seemed pretty cool  and their are only 7 people in the class. I'm slightly worried about this class because I don't know if I have the mind set for philosophy but I'm excited to try it. 

I then had a five hour break, during that time I ran an errand for the Future Teacher's Club and Mama J came up to have lunch with me.

My last class of the day is a 2 and half hour one that only meets once a week. The teacher seems nice and she told us that she walks us through it and we'll get a lot out of it as long as we do the work. 

After all my classes I went back to the dorm to have a floor meeting and then watch tv with Hannah.

Before bed on went on the website that houses all of the information about what classes you're taking and where the classrooms are, but it was down so I figured I would check again in the morning. I showered and got ready for bed.

Today was a little harder to wake up, it no longer felt new and exciting but I still woke up extra early because I needed to check the website. I got dressed in the morning and once again got ready to dress to impress. When I was finished getting ready I checked the website and it was still down.

First I panicked and called Mama J and she helped me remember that the register's office probably had all the records on where classes were being held. So, I called and they helped me out right away.

I still had some time to spare before I had to go to class so I did some bloggy business, checked the email, added the link from Tuesday to the Facebook Page and to my Twitter and even had time to read some blogs.

Finally it was time to go, it was rainy day but wasn't raining to bad when I walked to class. While I was waiting outside I ran into my friend Allison  who happened to be in my class with me. I'm so excited because she's awesome and I love having classes with friends because when you need help they are just a phone call away.  Also while I was waiting I ran into Mandi and we made plains to hang out later that night. This class seems really interesting and I'm excited to see what I learn from it.

When I got out of that class I had to go straight to my next class but I realized that I had forgotten my little sticky note that had the room numbers on it on my desk and started freaking out that I didn't know where my classroom was. I ran in Mandi and Natalie and they helped me remember that I could check find it by looking at the syllabus the teacher emailed us.

I found the class and went there. I went straight to the class which was already so crowded. This class I'm really excited about because its all about professional presentation which will helpful when I'm in the work place one day.

My original plan was to take a nap after class today but by the time I got back to my dorm I had a to-do list that was too long to nap. So, I did some homework.

I then had to go to a meeting with the Future Teacher's Club officers to talk about this semester and make plans.

After my meeting Hannah, Mandi and I had a Merp date and Merp Christmas. It was great to see each other and spend time together, it also was a little bit of a stress reliever.

So, those were my first few days of my Spring Semester. If you're in college how were your first few days? Let me know in the comments below.

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