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A Not So Happy Ending to a Series That Capture the Nation

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I'm going to start by saying if you are going to watch the series finale of The Secret Life of an American Teenager don't read this because their will be ***SPOILERS***, also if you have no interest in Secret Life I will not in any way be insulted if you don't read this. So this is your....


So, five years ago in a world not that differently then the one we live in now I started watching ABC Family's Original series The Secret Life of An American Teenager. 

I was a freshmen in high school and the show seemed interesting. Soon I got sucked into the lives of Amy, Ben, Ricky, Adrian, Grace and Jack. The first 2-3 seasons were good, at least the stories, but soon they attempt to push the envelope and add more characters to the story. 
In my opinion the show took a turn and started tumbling down hill when they dealt with Adrian and Ben's still born daughter. I believe that the story was to difficult for most teenager to handle. The only reason I continue to watch the show was because I wanted to see how they ended the series.
The worst thing was this past season. Every relationship that was strong they tore apart so that in the series finale they broke up. 
Jack and Grace started the season off strong. Jack had just woken up from his coma and they were strong. Then Grace had to chose were she wanted to go to college and Jack got scared. Jack's mom came and threaten Grace telling her she had to stay with Jack and then Jack proposed and they became stiff and awkward. Throughout the whole series I pulled for the two of them. But after the last 10 episode give or take, I was relieve when the writers broke them up. 
Grace (Megan Park) and Jack (Greg Finley) in season 1
Grace (Park) and Jack (Finley) in the final season
Although 2 couples did end up together in the series finale. One was a couple  that I could never remember if they were together or not. The couple was Henry and Alice. I'm glad that they ended the series with them together. They are probably one of those few high school couples that would make it because they've been through hard times but always went back to each other. 
Alice (Amy Rider) and Henry (Allen Evangelista) in season 1
Henry (Evangelista) and Alice (Rider) in the final season
Adrian was a character that in the beginning I loved to hate her but now I love her and was sad to see her go. She went from mean girl, boy crazy girl but in the end she turn to a sweet (most of the time), strong women. She went through hell and back and came out strong. I was happy that in the end they end the series with her engaged to a man who loves her a treats her right.
Adrian (Francia Raisa) in season 1
Adrian (Raisa) in the final season

Ben was a character that I started with the idea that he was the place holder in the relationship of Amy and Ricky. But After the lost of his baby he became a selfish, self rightous jerk. And then in the final season he became obsessed with Amy. I was glad that they ended the series with him not with Amy, although they are going to the same college so...
Ben (Ken Baumann) in season 1
Ben (Baumann) in the final season
Amy had a very similar character transformation she was nice towards the beginning of the series but towards the end she was mean and rude and self center. I remember in one episode right after John was born she said something along the lines of  "The only boy I want in my life is John", she started the series off as devoted mom but ended the series as a mom who wanted to leave her son on the other side of the country so that she could go to school in fabulous New York City. 
Amy (Shailene Woodley) in season 1
Amy (Woodley) in the final season)
And then there was Ricky, the bad boy, turned into my favorite character. He went from being a lady's man, bad boy who didn't care about anyone or anything. Then he became the best father, a great man, who loves his family and would continue being a good father. And unlike the way the writers wrote the series I do think that Ricky was at one point in LOVE with Amy. And I'm glad that he will of John full time. 
Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) in the first season
Ricky (Kagasoff) and John (Matthew/Joseoph Levinson)
I don't agree with the way the writers ended Secret Life. If I had been a writer I would have kept the story the way they had but added one more scene. A season 5 to 10 years in the future. I would have set at either Adrian and Omar or Henry and Alice's wedding. I would have showed Jack had ended up with either Madison or Grace. And if he hadn't chosen Grace, put her Grant. And would have put Amy with Ben because if she couldn't chose Ricky she might as well have chosen and Ben. I would have put Ricky with someone else who loved him, someone who wasn't from the show. And shown that John was thriving and still a happy boy. Mainly I wanted to know that the characters were happy after all they had been through. I just hate that the series finale was only a happy ending for Adrian, Henry and Alice. 
Adrian (Raisa), Ricky (Kagasoff), Amy (Woodley), Ben (Baumann) , Grace (Park) and Jack (Finley) if season promo photo
Ashley (India Eisley), Grace (Park), Ricky (Kagasoff), Amy (Woodley), Ben (Baumann), Adrian (Raisa), Jack (Finley) promo picture
Jack (Finley), Grace (Park), Ricky (Kagasoff), Amy (Woodley), Ben (Baumann) and Adrian (Raisa) in a promo picture for the final season
Goodbye Secret Life!


P.S. I also watched the season premiere of ABC family's new show the Foster and I would reccomend that to anyone, its a cute show, great writing, and heart warming.

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