Sunday, June 2, 2013

Television Connections

Hello All,

I'm back from my weekend away at a leadership conference, since I love blogging so much I will write a post about tomorrow, I'm exhausted now and I'd rather be more awake when I write about it. Although earlier this evening while I was tv I was inspired to write a post so here I am writing to all you guys. 

As I mentioned in my Introduction Post I am a television nerd, I watch almost anything and love almost everything. I'm currently watching the original Beverly Hills 90210 series, if you follow at me twitter @Em_CollegeLife you've probably seen some tweets about it. 

Anyway have gone off subject, one of the things I love is seeing an actor from one place in a another show. I Start to love the actor more and many times become a true fan of the show. 

Anyways tonight I was watching 60 minutes (Don't ask me why, its not a show I normally watch it was just on and I was to lazy to change the channel) and they were doing a story on Maggie Smith (Professor McGongall in Harry Potter and Violet Crawley on Dowton Abbey). 
Maggie Smith
I love Harry Potter so when this story came on I got engrossed and started to watch it. I hadn't realize how famous she was and how many awards she had won, she really is an acclaimed actress. 

My favorite part of the story was learning that she played the Jean Brodie in the movie The Prime of Jean Brodie. The reason that excited me so much is that my high school drama club did a production of the  Prime of Jean Brodie and it was one of the best plays we ever put on. 

Maggie Smith as Jean Brodie with her girls
Our Jean Brodie with her girls! (From L to R: Allyson, Cayla, Erin (Jean Brodie), Molly & Nikki)
I  loved Maggie Smith in Harry Potter, and now I want to see if I can find the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie online and watch it. I also know that Dowton Abbey is a big sensation and I was wondering if anyone here watches it. If you do, do you recommend it? Let me know.


P.S. The final picture is from my amazing friend Cayla who started a blog recently. You can check her blog out here

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