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Big Brother Recap: Week 1

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I've been suffering from a case of writer's block the past few days, and my favorite English teacher I ever use to tell me the only cure for writer's block is to just keep writing, that didn't work yesterday but hopefully it will work today. 

So, the summer has finally started, well Big Brother summer that is. I want to start this post by saying:

***This post may contain spoilers from Wednesday June 26th episode only. I am not a live feeder so I don't know anything that is happening in the house right now! ***

The first episode of the summer is always my least favorite episode of the summer. Mainly because everyone  still likes each other so there is no drama and no real excitement. 

The first real shocker to send shockwaves through the house was the announcement that this summer there would be not 1, not 2 but 3 nominees on the chopping block per week. I don't know how this will work out or even if it will. I personally was a fan of the 2 nominees but maybe three nominees will work just as wll.

The other twist of  the year is the new power Big Brother MVP (BBMVP) who will be nominated the third person up on the chopping block. The BBMVP is voted on my America by how well they are playing the game. The position is told to the player in the diary room and they make their nomination in the diary room as well. The BBMVP doesn't ever have to tell anyone that they are it. I'm personally really excited about this twist. 

After the announcements it was time for the first HOH competition of the summer began. In this competition the contestant had to hang out to over sized Popsicle for as long as possible. While having liquid thrown on them.

Now my opinions on the first HOH competition is simple, you don't want to win the first one because that plants a target on you, you also don't want to show how strong you are so you want to throw it early but at the same time you don't want to be the first to throw it because sometimes the first two to throw it are the first to be nominated as well. The first HOH is a definitely a balancing game. 

I tweeted this after 2 players fell off their Popsicle after less then like 10 minutes, and the worse part was they were both 2 strong, muscular men (Sorry, I can't remember there names, I still haven't learn most of the house guest names) it was pretty obvious what they were doing.

In the end Aaryn was the final girl standing, in Diary Room interview she said she wanted to prove that she wasn't just a girly girl, I just hope she didn't make that move to early because I do really like her. 

But in the end the first HOH was McCrae who already made a deal with Nick telling him he was safe this week. I think if McCrae keeps that promise that the fact that he's the first HOH won't come back to haunt him. 

Ever since McCrae's first interview, before moving in, he reminded me of Ian Terry (Last years winner). And throughout Wednesday episode I continue to get this feeling. One of my favorite moments of the night was when McCrae told the house, that he's a pizza man, in fact his whole life goal is to be the best pizza delivery guy that he can and nobody believed him. They all thought he was some secret genius. 

There's not much more I can write about the first episode of Big Brother so I thought I'd share some of my other tweets from the night. 

That had to be one of the dumbest things I heard all day! You are NEVER safe in the Big Brother house unless you're HOH or POV.

This is something I retweeted from one of my favorite BB players and the best back stabbers in the game Dan (BB 10 and 14). I love this tweet because even though he's probably being sarcastic, I'm rooting for Judd  and I think its a smart idea to keep the Elissa/Rachel relationship a secret for as long as it takes the other house guest to figure it out.

This tweet speaks for itself, I might have a little crush on Judd.

So, that's it for my first Big Brother recap. If you want to hear what I think during episodes follow me on twitter @Judy_Judy94, although I may not always tweet live if I am unable to watch the episode, although I will watch it online the next. And come back every week for my weekly recaps. 

So, any Big Brother fans out there, who are you rooting for? What was your favorite moments of Wednesday episode? Let me know in the comments below.


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