Thursday, April 16, 2015

Disney 2015 - Day 2 {Part 2 of 2}

Hello All,

When we last left off I told you about the first part of Disney 2015 - Day 2 (You can read here). Now that you had the chance to catch up let's go on to part 2!

We we last left off we had just gone to the Conservation Station, petting zoo, area. After that we decided to hit up our final ride of the day which was Kali River Rapids. 

My daily bow picture with Mount Everest!
Mandi did her sorority (delta phi epsilon) sign daily as well 
The whole way there Mandi kept talking about how she had the worst luck and she knew that she was going to get soaked the worse. But when we got on the ride Hannah and I sat next to each other. As we were going done the main drop of the ride our raft turned and soaking the two of us. Although Mandi did get soaked, she Hannah had it the worst!

Part of the que on Kali River Rapids
Although we all LOVED the ride we all were tired and we couldn't justify waiting 30 minutes to go on again. Instead we went back to Old Key West to lay down for a little while. As we were walking out I was vlogging and I looked up and right as I did I made eye contact with a really attractive college age kid who now thinks I'm crazy. 

When we got back to  Old Key West Hannah and I went back to lay down in the room, Mandi went and laid by the pool. Hannah and I were still soaked from Kali River Rapids we decided that we should change before heading to dinner. Although Mandi was pretty dry from laying out in the sun. 

In order to get to dinner we had to go to Magic Kingdom and jump on the monorail in order to get to the Grand Floridian. 

On the bus to the Magic Kingdom, I swear the like each other
(LtoR: Hannah & Mandi)
View of the Grand Floridan from the Magic Kingdom monorail stop
On the Monorail
(LtoR: Hannah & Mandi)
We were still pretty early for our dinner so we spent some time exploring the Grand Floridan. While we were waiting Mandi really wanted to take a picture at the top of the really pretty staircase. While she was up there an older couple, probably in 60s, walked by and the wife told her she looked like Bride. Mandi laughed and joked back that first she'd need to find a husband. Then husband put his arm around her and said he'd be her husband. It was so funny and adorable. 

Finally it was time for dinner at 1900 Park Fare. I will be doing a separate post on this complete with pictures in the next few days!

After dinner we decided that we wanted to hit up Downtown Disney for a little while. We headed out to the bus stop and waited, probably one of our longest bus wait times for the bus and headed on over.

Once we got to Downtown Disney we went to the store Tren-D as well as the largest Disney store in world (like the real world, not just Disney World), World of Disney. Hannah and I think Mandi both bought something, I didn't though. After that I really wanted a milkshake from Ghiradelli Ice Cream Shop, I had seen quite a few people walking around with them and it just looked really good. I'm so glad I got one too because it was AMAZING! After that we headed back to our resort.

When we got back Hannah took a shower and got ready for bed while Mandi and I decided to go for a night swim. We spent most of the time in the pool but towards the end we went over to hot tub. While we were there we talked to a really sweet mother and daughter from Minnesota I think. They were so sweet, we talked about DVC and how both me and the daughter were celebrating our birthday's in Disney. 

After that we went back to the room, I showered and we got into bed. We hitting up the park for park opening the next morning!

If you guys are interested you can check out the vlog from Day 2 of our Disney Trip!

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