Monday, June 8, 2015

Disney 2015 - Crystal Palace {Day 6}

Hello All,

I am itching to travel again and I do have a mini trip planned for a week from today so I'm pretty hyped. But until I have a real vacation planned I guess I'll just have to re-live through past trips so I'm going to keep talking about my spring trip. Hope y'all don't mind.

On our 6th night we went to Crystal Palace where we got to meet Pooh Bear and friends. I had never been to Crystal Palace for dinner, my family normally would go for dinner. So, technically it was a first for all of us. 

When it came to serve we didn't have bad service but we didn't have fantastic serves either, especially compared to the serve we had so far on the trip. I'm pretty sure we were our waiteress' only table in our section and her tables that were near each other need more attention then us. 

Food wise it was not what you would expect from a buffet that had Winnie the Pooh characters. It was fancier food, a lot of salads and colder foods. Mandi loves that kind of food and was on cloud 9. Hannah said that it was her least favorite meal of the trip. As for me, I don't see myself returning to Crystal Palace at dinner time and will stick to breakfasts there.

And final our character interactions. They were only okay. Our best interaction was with Pooh who was cute adoarble and lovable. The rest of them hurried through us as quick as possible. The worst interaction was with Tiger though. He kept saying good-bye to us after each thing. He'd say good-bye after signing autographs, after waving to Megan on my camera and after taking each picture we asked to take. 

Overall this was probably our worse meal of the trip. We pretty disappointed with the food, characters and serves. In no way were we blown away. Although I would return and recommend it because it has been really good in past. I was just kind of disappointed in it.

Now enjoy the pictures.

Tigger and Hannah
Mandi, Tigger and Hannah
Eeyore and me
Tigger and Me
Mandi, Pooh & Hannah
Pooh and me
Piglet and Hannah
Mandi & Piglet
Piglet and me

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