Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Love Wednesday...Hanging Things on My Wall

Hello All,

Its Wednesday! The week is almost over! Not that I have anything to look forward to this weekend. Well maybe I do, I haven't made plans yet, I'm a last minute planner during the summer. 

To some Wednesday is Hump Day but to me Wednesday is my day to tell all my lovely reader out in blog land what I love. So, let's begin yet again another What I Love Wednesday! This week I love hanging things on my wall! Yes, I know that's a weird thing to love but I do.

I love putting picture of people I love on my walls, that way I can look over at them and have memories flood my mind. 

I love when people give me pictures/drawings that they made me. I hang them on my wall because they make me feel special because someone drew it for me. I will be that teacher who has a wall drawings in my classroom, that my students drew for me. 

I love how pictures, drawings and other hangable items can add color to white walls. Living in a college dorm can be boring with plain white walls. 

I love how a picture is worth a 1,000 words and one picture can hold so many memories. And how just looking at the picture hanging on the wall brings the memories back. 

I love how the things on the wall make me feel like I'm in my childhood bedroom even when I'm an hour away in my college dorm. Although eventually my room at home became the strange room and my dorm room became my real room. 

For those reason I love hanging things on my wall. 

What do you love Wednesday?


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