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Names I Like

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This post is pretty random but I was inspired while watching a Youtube vlog post and I wanted to do it for my blog. Basically its a bunch of question based on baby names. I love thinking about names mainly because I am a writer and I'm constantly writing stories so I'm always thinking about names, so I figured I'd do a post answering these questions. I'm NOT pregnant so this is just a fun post that I randomly came across.

1. List your favorite and least favorite names from the SSA 2011 List Baby Name List. (why do you like or dislike them and would you use a nickname?
Favorite Boys:
Jacob, I would call him Jake. I don't know why I like it I just do 
Mason, I like names that aren't as common, especially in my generation.
Ethan, I've always like this name, I'm not sure why.
Liam, I don't know why, another one I just like.
Favorite Girls:
Sophia, I would call her Soph, I like this name for two reason, 1 reason is because the little girl I babysit is named Sophie (I love this girl to pieces, she's like my mini me)  and I like her name but I like Sophia more. I also like Sophia because I am a HUGE Sophia Bush fan and she seems like such a sweet person.
I also LOVE the name Olivia, its on my mental list of names that I will consider when I do have children. I would probably call her Livi when she's little.
Least Favorite boys:
I'm not a huge fan of the name Aiden, although there is girl version that I heard once that I love.
Least Favorite Girls:
I don't really dislike any of the girl's list, the only two that I would probably steer away from are Elizabeth and Madison, I think they're to common for my taste.

2. If you had twins, what would you name them? (G/G, B/B, B/G)
Girl/Girl - Blair and Aria (I'm currently in love with these name)
Boy/Boy- Ryan and Simon 
Boy/Girl-Ryan and Leah (Those are my two all time favorite names)

3. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
Everyone I know tells me that I look like my name should start with an "M" but if I could change my name is anything I would chose Kaileigh, I love that name.

4. You have 4 children. Any gender. Their first names all have to start with the same letter. What would their names be?
I think I would go with the letter C and do: Chelsea, Charlotte (Charlie for short), Chase and Carter

5. Favourite animal inspired name.
I had to google names inspired by animals and I found them here. My favorite were, Kat/Kitty for a girl (short for Catherine), Lynx for a girl and Drake which is apparently a male duck. 

6. Favourite colour inspired name.
I googled this one as well so I the list is here. For boys I liked Hunter (I had a Hunter in Religious Education class that I taught and he was such a nice kid) and Rusty (I always loved Rusty from GREEK)
And for girls I like Amber and Hazel, I liked them because they don't sound like color names. 

7. Top 3 boy names.
Nathaniel, Nate for short 

8. Top 3 girl names.
Sorry I couldn't narrow it down to 3 

9. Favourite celebrity baby name. 
I like Neil Patrick Harris' children names Harper and Giedon, I like that they are unique but not so strange like North West. 

10. Ultimate guilty pleasure name. 
I have no idea what a guilty pleasure name is.  

11. Most hated baby names.
I can' think of name that I really hate.

12. Choose a baby name based on a food/drink.
Apparently Charlotte is a type of cookies and I love that name so we'll go with that.

13. Choose  baby name based on a month. 
I'm not a huge fan of names based on months but if I had to chose one I would go with April because it sounds least like a month name. 

14. Choose a baby name from Twilight.
I never read the books but I know enough to say I would go with either Jacob or Bella. 

15. Choose a baby name that is already in your family.
For a Girl I would chose Grace (I have 2 cousins named Grace, 1 on each side)
For a boy I would chose either Zachary (I have cousin name Zach) or William (that is my dad's father's name and my cousin Joshua's middle name.)

That's it for the name questions. What are some of your favorite names? Let me know in the comments below. If you chose to do the name question tag thing leave the link below and I'll check them out. 


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