Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Different Type of Car

Hello All,

Mama J bought a new car yesterday! I'll be getting her old car when I save some money for gas and other car expenses.  I went shopping with Mama J and I realized I know very little about cars. Mama J would be like "I really watch and hatchback instead of sedan." But I had no clue what she was talking about. I'm so bad that when someone asks me what kind of car my parent drives my answer is the color that the car is. 

I felt the need to write today but couldn't think of a great topic so I decide that I would write a post to you guys about my definition of different types of vehicles.

First is the car...
A four door vehicles and a flat trunk. 

It has bed for a trunk. 

A Van:
A big trunk and the side door slides.

A combination of car and van. 

A Jeep (A.K.A my dream car)
So, beautiful :'). Yup, I love jeeps! Well I like Wranglers but there is also the Cherokee. 

As you can see I know very little about cars, I give them their general name, instead of their more specific name. I know their are some that are missing but those are the big ones. I'm very happy my not knowing the different types of cars, hopefully when I actually have to go buy my own car I will know someone who will be able to help me. 

In other news today I bough tickets to go see Hunter Hayes in September at fair. I'll be going with my roommate and I'm so excited because I'm just in love with Hunter Hayes. 

Okay well that's it for today. 


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