Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break and a Small Bloggy Break

Hello All,

Today is my first day of Spring Break! Hallelujah! This semester has been extremely emotionally draining, some of which I will talk about later this semester

After a lot of thinking I have decided that the majority of Spring Break with the exception of Thursday and another special post because a certain girl is turning 20! I will not be posting on the blog. I am extremely emotionally and mentally exhausted and don't want to worry about having post up and ready to go this week.  In all honesty I feel as if my blog has been on the back burner the last 2 weeks or so and that I have been posting half assed post and to me those aren't good enough. With that being said this vacation I am going to relax, catch up with some friends, catch up on sleep and celebrate turning 20 years old!

Since I'm not going to be posting I'm going to leave you some Spring reading for the week, with some of my favorite posts!

So, I will see you guys in a couple day for the Getting Ready to Sail series and special post on another day! 

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