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Degrassi Does Good

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Have you ever heard of the Canadian Teen drama on Degrassi. You know the one that has had like 13 season. They deal with really tough issues that effect teens all over the world? But its so crazy because you know that there is no way in Hell that all these horrible things would happen at one high school. 

Okay well I've been watching this show for quite some time. And I have slowly started to lose some of my interested in but I want to watch the characters who were introduced to the show the same year that I started watching, I want to see them graduate, which I believe is this season. 

Some of my favorite seniors
But this past season Degrassi has dealt with some of my favorite story lines to date and I want to share why i liked stories so much.

Cam's Suicide
Cam was introduced to Degrassi as a hockey star who was pretty much was drafted from Florida to play on Degrassi's team. From the team he moved to Degrassi it was obvious that he didn't fit in, until he met Maya and they clique instantly. But Cam is still extremely awkward and has trouble fitting in with the other hockey players and students. Eventually after getting into a fight with Maya, Cam does the unspeakable and commits suicide. 

Although I hate that we even live in a world where a teen show that deals with really issues that teens deal with can even do a story about suicide because so many teens deal with it, I believe the way Degrassi handle this story was professional. They showed multiple signs of someone who was as depressed as Cam. They also showed a realistic version of the aftermath of this event. It showed how Maya reacted, how the hockey team reacted and just how the school in general reacted. 

Texting and Driving:
Adam's story line in general has to be one of my favorites. Adam is a transgender girl to boy and through most of his time on the show he struggles with being accepted and finding himself just like every other high schoolar out there. He does find acceptance in his close friends and most importantly from his older brother, Drew. 

The final hurtle that Adam really goes through is getting the girl he fell for, Becky, a very conservative girl, to get past her prejudice thoughts and  accept her feeling for him. Finally Becky comes around and they fall in love.
A few weeks later Adam is a consuler at a camping trip where his phone doesn't have any signal and decided to drive off to text Becky. While he's driving he texts her and ultimately gets into an accident. He lives for a while in coma but eventually passes a way from his injuries. But that isn't the most heart breaking scene, instead its the scene when his brother finds out and completes falls apart!

Much like with Cam they deal with the aftermath of Adam's death. Including the survivor's guilt that Becky feels and Drew's has a hard time accepting that Adam is gone. But we also see all the people whose live Adam touched during his time in Degrassi.

Clare's Cancer
Clare, my favorite character, fights the battle of the lifetime of cancer instead of going on her class trip to France. Luckily she survives the cancer and gets to walk out cancer free! I liked this story because it showed how when you have good friends you aren't alone and that they love you. They also showed where your head goes mentally during that time and after that time. 

Sexual Assault
  Zoe is a rebellious actress who likes to party. At a party held by a classmate Zoe gets so drunk that she blacks out and two of her classmates sexual assault her. Although at first she does remember the event their are videos swirling around the school. Becky (yes, Adam from above's girlfriend) decide she's going to try and figure out who did this to Becky. But what she didn't know was the one of the assulaters was her brother! 

This story was intriguing and kept me on the end of the seat. But now only that the writer's were able to get me thinking even after the episode ended it kept me thinking. Even enough to write a post for all you guys about it. But the part that effect me the most is when Zoe walks into school the day after they find out who her assulater is, Zoe goes up to Becky and thanks he for tell the truth even though it was her brother and she knew how hard it must have been. 

After Becky's Brother is Exposed
Those are some of my favorite reason stories. If you watch Degrassi or have ever watched Degrassi what are some of your favorite story lines, let me know in the comments below.


  1. I use to be obsessed with this T.V. show lol. I don't really watch it anymore because I feel like there character development is not very good anymore (which use to be their strong point). However, I'll watch it occasionally as I like to see what some of the old characters are up to or if a particular story line interests me. I agree with you that these were some of the saddest but yet best story lines done recently by Degrassi, and most definitely kept you on the edge of your seat. Great post!

    1. I feel the exact same way about character development, the only characters I really care about now are Ali, Clare and Drew and are really the only reason I watch! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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