Thursday, June 5, 2014

DCL 2014 RECAP: Grand Floridian {2}

Hello All,

Before I get into the real cruisey aspect of my trip I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions about the place we stayed the night before. I promise the piece you guys read will be all about the cruise!

Something you might not know about my family is that each of my parents and a few of my aunts/uncles are members of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), which is Disney's timeshare. Because of that we stayed at DVC's newest location, The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian. 

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed at staying at the Grand Floridian, it seemed so elegant and beautiful. But my parents always said no, because before it was a DVC resort it costed an arm and leg to stay there. So, when I found out that we spending a night there for the DVC resort I pretty much freaked out!

We stayed in a two bedroom and the room were nice. The lobby had a beautiful Mary Poppin's penguins inspired fountain and many other Mary Poppins inspired pieces, like a carousel horse in the lobby.

Staying there was very elegant and amazing and fun. But it almost felt to elegant and I felt slightly out of place with out fancy dresses and looking perfect. Although I'll visit the Grand many times again I don't think it'll be on the list of places I want to stay again because its just too fancy. 

But of course I took tons of pictures so please enjoy them.

Driving up to the Grand!
Another view
Detailing on one of the store's wall #perfection

Mad Hatter inspired pool
a somewhat better look, still learning my camera settings
The Fountain outside the villas
And now begins the many pictures of the penguin fountain, my favorite part of the whole resort

Our room number
Dumbo inspired china on the wall over the kitchen table
View from our room
We were right outside the monorail track and everytime the train would go by my cousin would say "bye bye choo-choo"
And those are my thoughts and pictures from the Grand Floridian. Have you ever stayed at the Grand Floridian? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.

-P.S. I made a video on my Youtube of a stateroom tour on the ship so if you wanna check it out you can by clicking here.

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