Saturday, June 28, 2014

Big Brother & An Announcement!

Hello All,

I have been dropping hints all week that I big change was coming to my blog but I might have been overreacting. But the big change coming to my blog is a schedule change! Those of you who visit this blogging on a regular basis, thank you! But also might have noticed that this blog runs on a pretty normal schedule. As of right now a post goes live Monday-Friday at 7 AM with occasional weekend post. But starting today the blog schedule is changing for the summer. The schedule will now be Tuesday-Saturday! I will continue the 7 AM for Tuesday through Friday but no promises for Saturday! 

The schedule is changing for the Big Brother season! Last year I did a weekly recap of the happenings in the game and made a point system to declare who played the best game of the season giving different points based on what I thought was important. This year I'm stepping it up notch and adding graphics and a set date. This schedule will remain until a week or two after the season ends. So, shall we begin?

This year started with a two night premiere and each of the night 8 of the housemates came in as the first twist of the season. And I will tell you that a lot of my opinions have changed about the players since watching their pre-interviews and I'm so excited about this season! I'm just going to get started and talk about some of things.

This week had two competitions. They started with the first 8 house guest competing in an HOH competition called go fly a kite. Each of the house guest had to hold onto a rope attach to kite and balance on rotating pole. The first to fall off was Paola and the winner was Frankie! 

The second competitions was another HOH competition for the second eight. In this one they had to lay on a pole while is spun. They all did well in this competition but at last someone had to win and someone had to come in last. The first to fall was Victoria and the last to fall off was Caleb making him the other HOH.

We'll find out Sunday who will be the official HOH of this week. 

Even though it was the first few days there are already a lot of alliances forming, although none will be probably be last. The first one was never official although the two players mentioned it in their DR segments and I think it would be a say what, no would expect it was Donny and Nicole.

The next one was the Crazy 8's which are the first 8 to enter the house who was Paola, Joey, Nicole, Donny, Devin, Cody, Amber and Frankie. Although they were all second guessing it by the time the second group came in. Plus an 8 person alliance is pure crazieness.

The Double D's was made up of Devin and Donny as a unexpected duo because Devin is body builder and Donny is an old man. They didn't mention it much.

And finally El Quarto being four girls wanting to see a girl win this season.

No nomination were made this week.

Too early to tell. Although many mention attractions during DR segments.

The biggest piece of drama was that Zack and Frankie had some words but they were over it in seconds. 

Each week I will declare a player. This week there were't any big moves so I am unable to name a player of the week.

So, come back next week for a better update with more details and more stuff going on. 

-P.S. Like I said early this post isn't always come up at 7 AM but it will be up by 11:59 PM on every Saturday, it all depends on my work schedule. Okay that's all bye!

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