Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DCL Recap: Palos {7}

Hello All,

Happy Tuesday! I'm thinking the first DCL recap of the week deserves some food porn so I'm going to tell you guys all about our 2 meals at Palos!

I wrote a pre-post about Palos saying I wasn't sure if we would be eating there but it turns out that we were eating there twice on our cruise. We ate there for dinner one night and for a brunch on our last day at sea. Both meals for fantastic!

Our Palos dinner was on the same night as the ships formal night. We got up to the restaurant early so those who were over 21, A.K.A. everyone who wasn't me, got a cocktail that we were then able to bring with us. When we sat down  the waiter offered me a virgin cocktail that had sorbet and berry and pomegranate taste.

The menu had some yummy looking steak, fish and Italian. But according to my aunts and uncle the steak was a most have so of course that is what I got.  I also had a shrimp appetizer both of which was delicious. The other most have of the meal was a chocolate souffle, which was, drool worthy, so good.

The dinning experience at diner was different then anything else I have ever experienced. It was a serveral course meal but there was no rush at all. The course in front of you was there until you were done and the next course was not brought out until everyone was finished. 

Our waiter actually was amazing! He was funny and sweet and took the time to get to know us. Much like with all the magic that Disney has if you eat two meals at Palos you have the same waiter both times. Which brings me to the 2nd meal we had which was a brunch.

For the brunch it starts with a buffet of many different types of food. They had sticky buns, shrimp, ham and cheese rolls, fancy deli meet, muffins, etc.. After you chose a main entree, they have options like fancy pancakes, lasagna, eggs Benedict and chicken parmesan. They also have pizza that people normally share with there tables.

Every thing was so good. Although it costs a little bit extra, I would do it again in a heart beat. Now enjoy the pictures from my two meals.

Pre-dinner selfie
Virgin cocktail, I felt so grown up!
Shrimp appetizer. Yum!
Steak entree...can I got back pleaseeeee!
Chocolate souffle, drooling. 

Chicken parm for dinner
I'm hoping that one day when I go back on a cruise that I get an opportunity to eat there again!


  1. I'm so hungry after seeing this! It's a dream to go on a Disney Cruise!

    1. If you ever get a chance I definitely recommend it!


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