Monday, June 9, 2014

A Look at My Bestie History {Link-Up}

Hello All,

Did you guys know yesterday was National Best Friend Day? Well it was! So, today I'm linking up with the amazing Natalie for a link-up all about you best friends, so that you can celebrate all the amazing people in our lives that we call "Besties". 

I'm luckily enough to have some great besties. And this started long ago with my first set of besties.

Pre-school clique (LtoR: Rob, me, Alicia and Amelia)
We we're the coolest kids on the block. We played Little Foot all day everyday and stayed besties up until we were about 3 and then I lost touch with 2 of them leaving my oldest and longest bestie in the world, Amelia.

My favorite picture of us (LtoR: Amelia and Me)
This girl and I have been friends since the beginning, we went to DC when we were in 2nd or 3rd grade, have had countless sleepovers, spent almost every New Years Eve together in the last 17 years and we use to tell everyone and their mothers that we were sisters. Hell, she is the closest thing I've had to a sister, even if we did grow up 30 minutes apart.

My next bestie is of the fury variety.

Our senior photo
 That beautiful girl up there (the one with the fury face) is my dog Rosie. Last October marked 1 year since her death and I wrote this heartfelt post that still makes me cry.  Everyone says dog's are man's best friend and man are they right. They love you unconditionally and care so deeply. I still miss her on the daily.

Then I met Tori! When I first met Tori I was actually her babysitter, she's only 2 years younger and now we're super close!

LtoR: Tori and me
Tori is one of the few people in the world that I can tell ANYTHING to. Whenever I get to see her we let everything out and fell like 100% better and its exactly what I need. I'm so happy for her that she just graduated high school and is about to start college! I can't wait to visit her at her school like she did at mine. (Read about it here)

Before I started college I risked being catfished when I started to this awesome chick! Although we lost touch for a while we rebonded over blogging! Which brings me to my blogging bestie, Natalie, the awesome lady hosting this link-up! We bonded over blogging and she's the person I go to talk about personal, and blogging relate stuff. She awesome so check her blog out!

Towards the end of fall semester freshmen year I met Mandi and we both the other one would hate each other because the way we met was unique to say the least.

LtoR: Mandi & me
But once we got to know each other we became best friends. She is now the person I go to when I need to to talk. She's there when I need someone to talk to. When we are on campus we see each other almost daily if not everyday. We also both speak the truth to each other, even when it might be a little blunt.

Finally is the bestie that is the most important bestie in my life is Mama J.

LtoR: me & Mama J
She's been there since day one, obiv and she's always there for me. There are days when I want nothing more then cry my eyes out and i call her. She has dealt with every mental breakdown, heartbreak, happy moment and proud moment. She is my biggest supportive and biggest fan. And when we aren't fighting we normally laughing our butts off, we're basically real life Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

And those are my best friends. I have many other friends who I am close to but these are the one's who popped in my head when Natalie told me about the link up.

Who are some of your best friends? Let the world know by linking up with Natalie today (link above).


  1. I love this- especially about your mom. Your one of my closest friends too:)


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