Monday, October 7, 2013

Why This Weekend Was Hard

Hello All, 

Today I need this blog to be my place to let out my very strong emotions because my feelings are so strong and over whelming. If you are looking for the normal happy go lucky person I normally am I suggest that you look at yesterday's post or wait until I post again.

Anyone who knows me well you know I love dogs, I get super dupper excited when I get anywhere near a dog. I see a dog and in a very girly high pitched voice (no, I am not ashamed of the voice) I say "Puppyyyyyyy!"

A year ago this weekend Mama J came to visit me at college and told me that earlier in the week she had to put down our dog. For some people remembering the death of a dog one year later may seem a little crazy and not worth being so upset about. But for me I knew it was that time of year again and couldn't stop thinking about her. I cried a lot this weekend but I was happy to be home with my mom because I know even if she didn't show it the dog was on her mind as well. 

Now I'd like to introduce you my best friend...

Meet Rosie, she was my best friend and I miss her dearly. She was quite a character and because of her I have made a ton of great memories. Like...

getting my senior portraits done...

And hanging out on snow days

She got blessed at church...

And love to cuddle

Her favorite place to be was looking out the window...

She loved to play in snow...

And was the most stubborn creature I knew

She was there for me for senior dinner and senior prom. We always took pictures now matter how merpy we looked.

She had to wear the cone of shame for awhile because she had surgery on her ear.

And I got her get well cookie.

She loved it!

I don't know who I would have been without Rosie in my life. She taught me lessons on responsibility. I loved her more anything else in the world and was devastated the day I found out she wasn't around anymore.

There are days I cry like nothing else because I want to cuddle with her one more time more then anything else in world. If I could hold her one more time and give her a kiss I would do anything in the world. 

I love you, Rosie more then anything else in the world and would do anything to be with you again! I look at your picture every day because you are the lock screen on my phone. You are with me everywhere I go and always will be. Rest in peace baby girl and know I love you. 

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