Friday, October 25, 2013

Why I Will Never Meet My Prince Charming at Work

Hello All,

I was so excited about this post because I was going through some writer's block the past few days and then I was at work yesterday sweeping by the window and I felt like I was in a movie and that the leading male would walk by the store and probably not notice me but then one day he would see me and I'd have a told Cinderella transformation montage and he'd see me and we would fall madly in love. LOL. 

Anyways, I started thinking and realized that because of where I work I will probably never meet my Prince charming at work for this reason.

1. I have to wear a hat everyday so nobody will see my lushes beautiful hair.

I always, always have custard on my shirt.

If I started to talk to an attractive guy the whole kitchen would know and be watching.
When I flirt like this...
Oh wait that's why I'm single in general.

So, that's why I will never meet my Prince Charming at work. 

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