Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why I Am Perfectly Content

Hello All,

Some of you may remember that I participated in the Blogtember last month. Well there was a question about what my life is like right now. Well I wish I was inspired to write this post now but I was inspired to write this post last night after having a really good night at work. 

What inspired me you ask? Well see I'm really happy with my life right now! Some people might think I'm crazy for being in love with the life I have right now because I have many moments of stress and run around like a chicken with my head cut off half. But I'm loving every moment of it.

You see when I was high school I had a picture of what my life should be like but it never was what I wanted it to. You know the saying, "You want to hear God, laugh tell him your plans?" Well I'm pretty sure God's abs hurt from laughing at me in high school.

You see I wanted to be able to juggle classes, involvement, job and I really wanted a boyfriend and a lot of amazing friends. And now I have most of those things.

You see I'm taking 5 classes.
I'm super involved in the Future Teacher's Club on my campus. I spend the majority of my time doing things for the Future Teacher Club.
The officers at our summer leadership conference (LtoR: Cyndi, Megan, Deanna, Christina and me)
I work 20 hours a week at a place about 20 minutes from school and I like the most of my co-workers.

I do have a lot of amazing friends right now. I actually have friends in all different places so I can walk across campus and randomly someone will say hi to me and have a conversation with me.  Like I always dreamed.

Yes, I'm still single but I'm okay with because I know I haven't found the right person to date and when I find him he will be the icing to the really good cupcake that is my life right now. 
I have some big plans coming up for next semester that is going to make next semester even better then this year.

What makes you happy about your life right now? Let me know in the comments below.

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