Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Day of Classes!

Hello All,

Wow! This post is WAY over due! But Blogtember and responsibilities took over my life and I just didn't have time to write it. But now I'm determine to catch up on all the "lifestyle" type posts that I have missed during Blogtember, including some that come with Vlogs! So, let's beginning! 

My first day of classes were Wednesday, August 28, 2013! I was so excited to start my Sophomore Year, as some of you may remember I made a list of goals for my sophomore year of college. I kept some of my goals in mind as I got ready for the my first day of classes. I laid out my clothes the night before, and packed some food for breakfast. 

All ready for the next day
The next morning I woke up at about 6:45 so I could get ready for my 8:10 class. I got up earlier then I normally would because my class was on the other side of campus and I wasn't really sure how long I would take for me to get ready. 

The shirt and top I wore.
I also wore my Alex and Ani
I left for class and headed across campus for my class and ran into my good friend Tessa who was going to be in my class with me. We finished the walk together and hung out in the classroom until it started. I absolutely love this teacher! She tells it like it is but really cares about her students. 

After that class went back to my dorm, where me and my roommate decided we would go to this event they were holding on campus. When we walked into our Student Center their was a balloon arch with our school colors. It made the first day a little more festive.

It turned out that they event on campus wasn't starting for an hour so Hannah went to eat lunch and I went to my class because it was starting in 30 minutes. 

After that class, which was really boring, I went to get lunch at the food court at my student center. I got a meatball sandwich, which I had been craving for while. 

I had one more class that which is a 2 hour math class (no fun).  The class doesn't get over until almost 7 PM and I was really tired, my roommate and close friends had already eaten or went out so I decide to eat some spaghetti-os.

Sorry for the lame food picture
My first day was a really good day and I think I made a great start for the rest of the year!

How was your first day of school? Let me know the comments below.

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