Thursday, October 10, 2013

Soul Mates in Dawson's Creek

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If you read Tuesday's Post you remember I discussed what my believes are about soul mates are and stated that I do not believe that I had met my soul mate yet. So, when forming my opinion I turned to television. The show with the biggest impact on my opinion was the old teenage drama, Dawson's Creek.

Dawson's Creek spent a little under 130 episodes discussing what the meaning of soul mates were. Placing Joey Potter in a love triangle with her soul mate and his best friend. Leaving the viewers with the question who is whose soul mate. Here are the people who I think are each other soul mates. 

Dawson and Joey
 Dawson and Joey's relationship was such a roller coaster and made you wonder if they'd ever figure it out who they were to each other but the define perfectly what it means to know everything about each other.

Jen and Jack
The soul mate couple that are the perfect soul mates to my definition because they are best friends, they understand each other and their are no sexual feelings for each other. Their relationship is simple, or at least simpler then Dawson and Joey's.

Dawson and Pacey
Dawson and Pacey was a relationship that I had never really thought of as soul mates until as soul mates until I watched an interview the creator of the show, Kevin Williamson where he stated that he believed they were soul mates (that was actually the inspiration for these two post). But that interview got me thinking, would I consider Dawson and Pacey soul mates? And yes I would consider them soul mates. The writer's of Dawson's Creek dragged their friendship through Hell and they ended up still friends. Because they knew and understood each other before they even understood themselves.

Although Dawson's Creek is not the only show that has soul mates in them, they are the only show you can spent 130 hours discussing soul mates. Other famous TV soul mates that I can think of are....

Donna and David

There was rarely a time during Beverly Hills 90210 ten season run that fans didn't believe that in the end David and Donna would find their way to each other because they are and always will be each other's other halves.

Kelly and Dylan

Much like Dawson and Joey viewers didn't necessarily want the two together (or was that just me?) but there was no denying that these two had a connection.

Those are "couples" or inspire my definition of soul mates. Do you believe in soul mates? Let me know in the comments below.

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