Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do Soul Mates Exists?

Hello All,

Today I'm going to discuss a topic with you that I have always found interesting and I have debated for years but finally know what I believe.

When people hear the word soul mates they almost always thing that a soul mate is a person that you have romantic feelings for. Like you fall in love, you get married and you live happily ever after because you found your soul mate. 

But let's be honest and a little cynical (something I rarely am, because I believe being positive is the best thing ever) 50% of marriages end in divorce. Some soul mate.

Isn't a soul mate suppose to be someone who is in your life forever? Someone who knows you better then anyone else in the world?

Then how can someone you divorce be your soul mate? Those fact don't add up to me, do they add up to you?

That's what go me thinking. What exactly is a soul mate?

The way I see it a soul mate is not necessarily someone you have romantic feelings for, instead  it is the one person who knows you better then you know yourself and will be part of your life from the day you meet them until the day you die and even beyond that. I believe that your soul mate could be your brother, sister, mother, father, best friend or maybe just maybe if your lucky it is your significant other. 

I personally don't think I've found my soul mate yet. Part of me hopes that when I do I'm not one of those people whose soul mate is my husband. Instead I'd rather have a best friend who is my soul mate. Someone I can go to when my husband inevitably drives me a little crazy, not that I won't love him. 

That's what I believe a soul mate is. What do you believe the definition of soul mates are? Let me know in the comments below.

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