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Meet A College Blogger...Paige

Hello All,

Its time to start a new blog feature here on The World According to Emma!

Its called Meet a College Blogger. Each month I will reach out to different college blogger whose blog I follow and ask them if I can interview them so that you can get to know them better. I know that for me as a college blogger I love finding other blogs written by college student to read and I'm always looking for other ones to start reading to hopefully this will help you find one to read. So, without much more of my rambling I want to introduce to you the first blogger I interview.

The college blogger I interviewed was Paige from The Sticky Note Addict. She is such a sweet person and I was so honored that she was willing to be my first interviewee. Over on her blog she blogs about her boyfriend Bradley, her dog Gatsby, she tips on succeeding in college, she is a co-host of link up called My Weekly Confession and is taking part is 101 in 1001 days. If you've never checked Paige I definitely suggest you do because she amazing.  So, please let me introduce you to Paige.

  1. What inspired you to start blogging? What inspired the name of your blog?

Well, I was sitting in the library and I had a paper due and I had a geology exam coming up and I just had a lot on my plate. I was thinking about how organized I was, how many charts and lists and such I have, and I thought that maybe, someone else might like to hear about that. So I sat down and started to blog.

I’m the Sticky Note Addict because of my nature. When I was younger, the highlight of my mom’s and my day was when we had a chance to stop at a Staples or any other supplies store — and honestly, that hasn’t changed. We are big big BIIIIG fans of ink pens, note pads, notebooks, paper clips, markers and sticky notes. I always LOVED getting new school supplies, even though I never actually needed a new pack of pencils every time we went to Walmart.

We used to LOVE going through the sale section at Office Depot and snagging all of the sticky notes. We have a whole drawer full of sticky note pads that Mom and I bought on sale at one point or another. I have a drawer of my own here at school.

So it comes naturally.

  1. What is your favorite post that you've ever written on your blog?

Oh, god. I have a few.

This is one of my all-time favorites. It’s one of those moments when I’m spilling over with frustration and love and happiness all at once — frustration with people who don’t understand, and love for my sweet little Gatsby, and happiness that I have such a wonderful family.

I loved this little thought about finding myself. And this might be the funniest post I’ve ever written.

  1. On you blog you talk about your dog, Gatsby, I'm so jealous I wish I had dog. Is Gatsby named after The Great Gatsby? If not how did Gatsby get his name?

Gatsby’s official name is The Almighty Jay Gatsby. We also call him James, Jay, Jay Gatsby, Gatz, Gatz-puppy and, when he’s in a lot of trouble, James Gatz.

Gatsby and Paige
Honestly, my thought process was: I love The Great Gatsby. The movie is coming out. We should name a puppy Gatsby. We should get a puppy. Bradley let’s get a puppy and name it Gatsby.

  1. On your blog you are doing the 1001 in 101 days. What inspired you to do it? And how are you doing on it? What goal do you think is going to be the hardest to complete?

I was inspired by a lot of bloggers who decided to do the same thing! I LOVE lists and making goals for myself, so having 101 to work on for the next 2 years? seems fun to me! I recap on it every month and I think I’m doing okay so far. I think I’ve done like 10, which is 10% which is 10% of the battle, right?

I think it’s going to be SUPER difficult to stop biting my nails, start exercising and complete some of my travel goals.

  1. What are you planning on doing when you graduate college?

Oh, praise. I wish I could tell you.

Here’s a few things I’m considering:

- graduate or business school
- working at a newspaper or a magazine
- opening my own business
- breeding corgis (okay that’s a joke)

  1. One of the link-ups you do on your blog is the boy behind the blog where your boyfriend answers questions. What does your boyfriend Bradley think of your blogging?

Bradley LOVES that I blog. He is by far the most supportive blogger boyfriend in the world — he might not be the funniest or the cleverest (I think he is, but I dunno) but he is most certainly the most supportive.

He knows ALL of my favorite bloggers. He knows the blogs that they write. If they have kids or dogs, he knows their names. (He actually knows the names of all of Camp Patton's herd. Which is incredible for a man.) He knows that Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work is responsible for #backthatazzup Friday (and he wishes I would participate apparently). He knows that Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect is my favorite. He knows that Whitney and Erin from Two Thirds Hazel are BBFFs.

He’s kind of a freak. I think he wants to start his own blog.

  1. Since this feature on my blog is to get to know different college bloggers, I want to know who are your favorite college blogs to read?

I LOVE The College Prepster. Is that a no brainer? Probz haha. Life is But a Stream of Thoughts — also wonderful. Samantha is such a wonderful girl, and she’s a Tar Heel!
Lindsey from lmartthoughts and Lizzy from Lizzy Luggage also deserve a little shoutout!


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