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Farewell Finn - Glee's Tribute

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As some of you may have remembered I wrote two posts have the death of Cory Moneith's death. You can read them here and here

Like many fans of Glee I tuned in to watch "The Quarter Back" to see how to the writers wrote off Finn. And I thought that Ryan Murphy and the writers did a phenomenal job with the writing. One of the things I was worried about was that they were going to only focus on how Finn died but instead they focused on how the characters were coping. 

Not only are the writers amazing but so did the cast. They are so strong for being willing and able to stand up in front of a camera and show their raw emotions towards the lose of their friend. 

The parts that got me the most were the lines that some of my favorite characters said during their times on camera. I would like to share them with you because some are ideas we need to remember or be grateful because we not going through this tremendous lose. 

“Everyone wants to talk about how he died, too, but who cares? One moment in his whole life. I care more about how he lived.” ~Kurt

Kurt spoke these words during the opening scene of the episode He reminded us that although some people die in horrible ways or ways that may not be as respectable BUT they lived a good life. I think that was the writers and cast way of reminding us that yes, maybe Cory died because of drugs but he was an AMAZING man.

“We honor Finn Hudson by taking care of the people he loved. And how do we do that? By helping them to move on.” -Sue Slyvester

Although it may not seem like something that Sue would say we need to remember that the best way to honor someone who passed away is to take care of the ones they loved and helping them find some way to get back to normal. 

-“Seeing him come down the hallway wearing this, it was like Superman had arrived.” -Kurt

I just like this line because in the last season we never go may views of the great relationship that Kurt and Finn had as brothers.

 “For just a second, you forget. And then, oh, you remember, and it’s like getting that call again, and again, every time. You don’t get to stop waking up. You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t get to have a child anymore.” - Carole

One of the most heartbreaking moments were when we get a look into Finn's mother's grief. A emotion that nobody every thinks will happen to them. This coupled with Santana singing "If I Die Young", and the line "She ain't even gray but she barred her baby." sent me in tears.

 “I’m telling you this straight, because that’s how you and I talk. He’s dead, and all we’ve got left is his voice in our head. I’m sorry, but it’s time, you gotta be your own quarterback.” -Coach Beast

This line was spoken by Coach Beast to Puck about how he can no longer rely on Finn to tell him what to do instead he needs to take care of himself. 

The last two scene for me were the most heart breaking scenes of the episode. The first was Rachel walking into the choir room, to give Mr. Shue a plaque she had made in Cory's honor. She tells Mr. Shue how she had plans to come home one day when she Cory were meant to settle down and they would be happy because Finn was her person. This season was all the more heartbreaking because it was genuine and so close to real life with Lea and Cory's real life relationship. 

The final season was when we finally got to see Mr. Shue's emotion as he cried into Finn's lettermen jacket. It was so heartbreaking because the last time we had really seen Finn and Mr. Shue they weren't getting along as well as they had in the past. 

Over all I truly believe that Glee couldn't have done this episode an better then what they did. I continue to keep Cory Moneith, his family, friends and the cast of Glee in my thoughts. 

I want to end this post with the way that they started the episode with many of the cast (Past and Present) singing one of my favorite songs, "Season of Love."

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