Monday, August 12, 2013

Staying Strong

Hello All,

As almost everyone knows about a month ago the world lost Cory Monteith. I was sadden by the news, I love Cory's character on Glee. 

During the after math of his death all I could really think about was how horrible this tragedy must be for his family, friends and cast mates on Glee. But especially on his real life girlfriend Lea Michele. 

I have followed Lea Michele on twitter, on and off for a few years and have always seen her as a strong hearted women.   Some of you probably know that Lea Michele stayed silent for the weeks after Monteith's death, which is not at all shocking as many people probably would. About a week ago Lea did finally came out of her silence by posting this picture to her twitter and instagram with a sweet message to her fans...

Lea's Twitter
Since that tweet Lea has tweeted about being happy to be back at work, although we can assume that it is hard to back where she met Cory, we do know she is with people who love her.

But last night was Lea's first real night in the public eye since the death of Cory, when she attended the Teen Choice Awards. She also won the award for Best TV Comedy Actress. During her speech Lea thanked her fans for all their support and dedicated her win to Cory.

I am so impressed with how Lea handled herself last night and during the wake of Cory's death. I have no idea what she's been feeling but I can only guess how hard it has been. I hope that Lea Michele can stay strong as the weeks, months and even the years go by.

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