Friday, August 16, 2013

College Tips: My College Must Haves

Hello All,

My original plan for this post was to add a vlog to this post but then I realized that I move in Tuesday and I don't have time to create a video on top of packing and working and getting ready to return to school. None the less I'm adding another entry into my series, College Tips. If you can read my one about roommates here

Today's entry are all of my college must haves. These are items that I found that used a lot that aren't the obvious ones like clothes, books, binders, etc...

Stacking Drawers:
I put these under my bed (which we loft) and put in my extra school suppiles, hair dryer, straightener, basically anything I don't use on daily basises. 
Landyard with a Coin Purse
I love have a coin purse that I can fit my important must have cards in like my school ID or driver's license. I love the landyard because its easy its easy to find in my bag or put around my neck so I don't always have to carry my keys.
This one might only be something that I need, I'm always cold. I love having a blanket to sleep with when its to hot to sleep with my comforter or when I'm cold while I read. 
Ramen or Microwavable Food
Ramen is perfect for a midnight snack or diner when you have a lot work. Although I wouldn't eat it to often because it starts tasting weird. 
Water Cups/Travel Cups
I love Tervis tumbler cups. I fill it with water and bring it to class or to the library. I also bring refillable water bottles to bring to the gym with me.
 I love using a pitcher because it ends up being much cheaper to refilled cups then to buy water bottles.

I can't study in my dorm room so I need to be able to move all my stuff with me. 
Pictures for your wall
Decorating your wall will make you feel more like you're home. I remember for about the first 2-3 weeks I kept saying I can't believe this is my room but the picture made it feel like it was.

Those are my must have for college. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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