Friday, August 2, 2013

Pinterest Project

Hello All,

My life as gotten a lot crazier this week, in a good way! So, unfortunately I was not prepared to write my weekly Big Brother Recap for tonight, hopefully I can get it up tomorrow before I go to work but it will definitely be up Sunday!  

Anyways I figured since I don't have my Big Brother Recap for you guys I figured that I would share with you guys first attempted  at a Pinterest Recipe! 

Yesterday Mama Judy had a rough day and said that the only thing that she wanted were the cupcakes that she had seen that pinned on Pinterest. The cupcakes, were actually suppose to be a cake but in our house we prefer cupcakes. 

First, I made basic white cake batter. I normally use box cake but one day I really want to learn to make cake from scratch but yesterday was not the day. I went picture crazy and took a picture every step of the way. 

After that I crushed up half a box or is consider a bag, of Oreos. I used double stuffed oreos but I think that the standard oreos would have been better. I poured them into the batter.

It looks really good. That basically the batter, after you mix in the oreos you put it into the you pan(s). I was so excited when I made these cupcakes because normally when I make cupthey are never even but this time they were perfectly even! That was my mini victory of my day yesterday. 

Look at those beautifully even cupcakes. The recipe that I used (I'll add in the link at the end) said that you should subtract five minutes from the bake time but when I baked the cupcakes I found the regular bake time worked for me. I also noticed that they cupcakes raised a lot more then normal cupcakes.

The frosting was probably the most difficult part. I don't think I got the consistency correct or because I made the smashed up oreos (the other half of the box/bag) to big. 

Since the consistency was so bad the frosting came out badly so please excuse the ugliness. 

So, what was the reaction? Well Mama J said she LOVED them, she actually came home tonight and told me that she couldn't wait to eat one. I personally only had one cupcake and I like the cake. I didn't eat the frosting because I don't like whip cream and that was the main ingredient. 

If you want to check out the recipe you can here. You can also follow me on Pinterest. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram and like my , Facebook Fan Page  where you get updates and are the first to know when I add a new post. 

So, that was my first attempt at a Pinterest recipe/project. I would say that it was a success and Mama J was really excited about them.

Have you tried anything from Pinterest? Did it come out well? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. A+ looks delicious. I really love that you're on FB now, makes me remember!


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