Monday, August 5, 2013

How My Car Got Its Name?

Hello All,

Happy Monday! I had a pretty busy weekend and now I'm trying to catch up on other blogs and my blog and get ahead with some of my posts for this week. I also finished and emailed my first ever guest post for one of my favorite blogs, it will be published later this week and I'll make sure to let you guys know when and where! 

Today I debated what I wanted to do and I think I'm going to share with you guys the story of how my car got his name. Yep, my car is guy.

A couple weeks ago I shared with you guys my lack of car knowledge and that Mama J was buy a new car. I believe I told you guys I had to get a few things lined up before her old car could become mine. Well I am happy to say that her car is "mine". I'm using quotations because its my car BUT she still owns it. When I move back to school the car will be coming with me! And I'm excited! 

When Mama J got her new license plate, the man gave it to us and said, "Look you got Abraham," because the letters on the plate looked like an abbreviation Abraham. Since Mama J got a used car I suggested she name her car Good Old Abe because it goes with her license plate. However Mama J didn't like the name. 

I continued to call the car Good Old Abe to joke with her. But she just kept saying no. Finally I decided that I would name my car Good Old Abe, because its from 2004. 

And that's how my car got its name! Does your car have a name? Let me know in the comments below.

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