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Big Brother Week 7 Recap

Hello All,

For all you Big Brother fans you may know that we are officially half way through this season! Congratulation to all the players who have made it to the halfway mark!

This weeks HOH was and endurance comp! I love endurance comps! What they had to do was standing on a rotating barrel while holding on to rope with bull head. Slowly the barrel would start moving more or would start moving backwards. The first 3 to jump off get open a box with either a punishment or prize. The first three to fall were Spencer, Candice and Helen. Spencer punishment was to speak through a bull horn until the nomination ceremony. Candice won $5000 and Helen received a backyard BBQ! GinaMarie and McCrae were the final 2 and both attempted to make deals with each other but neither one was giving up. In end GinaMarie became the new HOH!
McCrae falling off making GM the new HOH!
This week's POV was played by GinaMarie, Candice, Amanda, Jessie, Spencer and Judd.In this competition they had to throw a frog  at a lily pad. The player with the lowest score each round get eliminated, each time they get eliminated they get to chose a prize. But it can be taken away by the person who get out after them. GinaMarie was the first one out and the orignal holder of the POV. Amanda was the second one out getting the Cone of Shame but she traded GinaMarie for the veto. Candice was the next to be eliminated, she won a week long vacation but traded for the veto. Spencer was out next winning the 24 hours of spray tans but trade with Amanda for vacation. Judd was the overall winner of the game was Judd. Jessie got to pick the prize first to her prize getting $5000 but trade Candice for the Veto. Judd's prize was the clownitard but he traded Candice for the $5000.

Nominations and BBMVP
Gina Marie made it clear from the time she became HOH that Candice was her target. She debated throughout the few days who she wanted to nominate in the end she nominated...
After Jessie won POV GM had to decide who to put up in her place. One idea was to put up Elissa because she was campaigning to keep Candice in the house.
Ultimately GM chose...
Spencer (Umm...what? That's out of left field)
America was once again BBMVP (can this trend please stop? I want it either to be house guest or not at all) and America once again nominated...
She was really bothering me after being nominated because she began to go to everyone for the vote.
David and Aaryn
Nick and GinaMarie
Jeremy and Kaitlin
Howard and Candice
McCrae and Amanda

Some tension came between McCrae and Amanda after a fight. McCrae starts to realize that if their is a big target on Amanda their is a target on his back. Later in the week a lot of people were hanging out with HOH room when Jessie walks in and sits, yes sits next McCrae. Amanda asks McCrae to sit next to her and he says no. So she storms out of the room.
The tension between Amanda and McCrae after Amanda was put up on the block. The two began to fight and Amanda was jealous that McCrae throughout that she should stay on the block so she didn't ruffle any feathers. I use to love Amanda and McCrae, but can they be done?
During the HOH competition Helen won a BBQ Party where she could invite 3 house guests. Helen had two house guests chosen Elissa because she's her best friend and Aaryn for keeping up her side of the deal. That made Jessie mad because she felt Helen was being disloyal towards her. She started complaining to Amanda about how everyone was being fake. Amanda went off Jessie because Amanda had found out that Jessie tried to flip the house on her. That caused a fight between Amanda and Jessie.
After the fight between Amanda and Jessie, McCrae tries to talk it out with Jessie. Jessie became defensive and complainy that one is ever on her side. Amanda comes out during the conversasion and the two starting going at again. Amanda tried to tell her that Jessie was in the best posistion because she was laying low. The fight ended with Amanda threating to send Jessie home and Jessie saying she's not afraid of her threats. 
During the POV competition Amanda and Candice start to fight because Amanda caught Candice telling Judd that people thought he BBMVP. Then Amanda started making racist comments towards her and it was oblivious that everyone was uncomfortable. Amanda and Candice continue fight throughout the game.I felt bad for the other house guest whwatching uncomfortable. The worse part though was after Judd was the last man standing in POV competition Amanda tried to drag Judd into the fight as well.
This week's eviction was as drama filled as this week of Big Brother. During their speeches to try and stay in house Candice and Gina Marie went out in a scream match that even Julie couldn't break up.
Yet again the house voted again as a house and unanimously voted for...
Candice to be the first member of the jury.
My Player of the Week
This group of houseguest make its impossible to choice a player of the week because no one is making big moves. So, for the third week in a row my player of the week is someone who attempted to make a big move and get Amanda out. She also won her first competition and reminded us that she was in house.
Double Eviction
Since this week is a double eviction I'm adding a small section to discuss the week of Big Brother in one night. This will include their HOH competition, POV competition, nomination and of course POV. Although, there will still only be One Player of the Week and anything that happens on the live show will not effect this week's player of the week. I'm doing this mainly because you can't see their game play during a double eviction.
The first competition of the double eviction was an HOH competition was a quiz game where they had to answer each question with either more or less. The winner of this competition was Aaryn making her the HOH.
She then nominated the most hated people in the house Jessie and Spencer. They then proceeded to play POV, I  didn't really understand the game, they had to fit nails into a veto board. And once again Aaryn one.
After Aaryn won I figured it was obivious that Jessie would be voted out of the house but instead the biggest blind side of the season so far happened. Like seriously almost 24 hours later I'm still in shock/ Aaryn took Jessie off the block and replaced her with Judd!!!!! Not only was Judd my sleeper pick to win but also my player. Unfortnately Judd was unanimously voted out.
I will miss Judd a lot but at least he go to bring this bear shirt with him. 
Although Julie did allude to the fact that the Jury member may have an opportunity to go back in.

So, if you a Big Brother fan what did you think of this week's drama? Who do you want to win the next HOH? Who do you want to see be evicted next? And do you think a jury member will return? Let me know in the comments below.

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