Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adventures in Dog Sitting: Saying Goodbye to Kizzy

Hello All,

As some of you probably know for about a month Mama J and I have been dog sitting a dog named Kizzy. If you haven't read my other of Adventures in Dog Sitting you can read them here and here. I have this post and another post planned for my Adventure in Dog Sitting series.

On Wednesday it was time to say goodbye to Kizzy and I was sad to see her go. One of my favorite things about dog sitting Kizzy was that two of us lived on such steady routine, which is so rare for me during the summer. 

Kizzy as I've mentioned many times is rescue dog and we like to  joke that she has the ability to love one person  at a time and  while she was here I was her favorite person. Which caused me to joke that I wish I could freeze her make her my dog when I grow up. 

Her owner called me at about noon on Wednesday telling me that she as coming to pick her up and I spent my last hour with her gathering all her stuff up and cuddling on the couch. Before I said goodbye I gave her lots of hugs and kisses. And shed a few tears after she left.

Kizzy doesn't love taking pictures but I grabbed one final picture before she left. Please excuse both out appearances.

I have visited her since she left and she's happy to be home. Although we miss each other.

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