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Big Brother Recap: Week 8

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The beginning of this week's episode gave some answers as to what happened during last week's double eviction. It turns out that Helen approached Aaryn about back dooring Judd  because her and Amanda believed Judd has been BBMVP for the past 2 seasons. Aaryn said she would only do if she had the whole house on her side. They ran around scrambling for the votes which they succeded at. After being put up pleaded for his life while the house guest started to cry. 
After being voted Judd refused to hug Elissa believing that Elissa framed him as BBMVP. He also refused to hug Helen because he's no dumbie and new that it was Helen's handywork.
Later that night they played for HOH. In this competition they played head-to-head where they placed a ball on bananna shaped board. They then would move the ball down the bananna. The first person to land the ball in hole would move onto the next round. The winner of all the round would become the new HOH. In the end Andy became the new HOH.
Part of his responsiblity was to choice Have Nots but all four volunteer making Elissa, Helen, Gina Marie and Aaryn (for the first time) to be have nots.
In the POV competition Andy, Jessie, Spencer, Helen, Elissa, and Amanda, were the players. And it was hosted by McCrae. Before the competition begins the house develops a plan to make it that Helen will win HOH and keep the nominations the same so that they can ultimately evicted Jessie. In this competition the players go a few minutes to look at displays that had object. McCrae would a question regarding a number and the house guest would have to estimate how many of each object was in each display. After seeing everyone's guess they are given the opition to stay or fold. If they fold they are guarntee to go on to the next round. If they stay and their number is closest to the actually number they get a point. If they stay and their number is farthest from the actual number they are eliminated. Andy was the winner of this week's power of Veto!
Andy had to choice between his 2 alliances (McCrae/Amanda or Helen/Elissa) who both wanted him to nominated different people. In the end he went with McCrae and Amanda alliance and nominated...
After winning POV Andy had the opportunity to make a big move and back door Helen. He thought about but instead decided not to get any blood on his hand and keep his nominations that same. 
The biggest alliances in the house is a secret but goes by 3 AM which stands for Amanda, Andy, Aaryn and McCrae. The alliance wasn't original known as 3 AM because before Judd left he was in the position Aaryn is in now. Amanda who is the ring leader of this alliance choice to replace Judd with Aaryn because she has proven herself by evicting Howard and Judd.
To keep their alliance underwraps Amanda suggest that Andy and McCrae make a fake alliance with Helen. Amanda's logic is very sound because she believes that Helen wouldn't put up members of her own alliance so that way if Helen were to become HOH next week she wouldn't put up her and McCrae together. McCrae approaches Helen by saying that he wouldn't take Amanda to the final 2 because he knew she could easily beat him. Helen agrees to make a deal that they would bring each oher. They then bring Andy in on the deal and Andy continues to play up that they can't beat her in final 2. Helen takes the bait, hook, line and sinker. 
David and Aaryn
Nick and GinaMarie
Jeremy and Kaitlin
Candice and Howard
McCrae and Amanda
During the HOH competition they were put head to head but McCrae didn't throw the competition. Amanda made a comment about how Jeff threw a comp  for Jordan and Brendon did for Rachel as well. Making it seem that Amanda believes that her and McCrae will be successful showmance outside the house. 
When the house continues to believe that Judd was the MVP when America was. They start to wonder why he never campgained against her. While hanging out in the HOH room Helen blames Jessie and says that Judd was using Jessie to get Amanda out. After a failed attempted of confronting Helen, Jessie tells Amanda about how they tried get her out. Amanda then brings Helen and Elissa out to have her confront Jessie. The two continue to fight with Jessie saying that Helen tried to get Amanda out and Jessie saying she did. The two couldn't come to an agreement of last weeks events. From the events of the house, Jessie was the one who are her fact right.
After Jessie's big fight with Helen Jessie hears other houseguest saying that they are voting her out. And Jessie is ready to take the house down. Her first act of raising hell was to plant the bug that Aaryn is constantly saying stuff behind GinaMarie's back. This caused GinaMarie to be more defensive and causing the two to fight. After their fight GinaMarie walks down the stairs from the HOH room yelling "Everyone wake up Aaryn's yelling at me again." Bring the whole house up so that they all know what happen and their wouldn't be any fake stories. I don't know about these houseguests but if someone woke up for that I wouldn't be a happy camper.
Both Jessie and Spencer were told that they were the pawn this week. Although in reality the only pawn was Spencer and Jessie was the target (although I don't understand why). Jessie started to notice that Helen and Elissa are acting a little distance which causes her to start and realize the truth.
Soon it was time for eviction. Before Eviction Julie asked Helen a question from twitter asking her when a big move would be made and Helen said that they had made a lot like the one where they evicted Judd. Although I haven't seen a lot of big moves yet. By yet another unanimous vote, Jessie was evicted!
My Player of the Week
This week was a hard week to decide who should be the player of the week because targeting Jessie wasn't a strong move in my mind when there were much bigger threats in the house. But alas she was their target and I must chose a player of the week. After some think I decide I would choice someone who created a strong alliance, then made it stronger by sending two it members in to make a faux alliance with the other strong player in the game and finally got out her target that she has been targeting for 3 weeks. This week's player of the week is...

If you're a Big Brother fan tell me, who do you want to see go home next? How is your favorite player this season? What did you think of this weeks game play? Let me know in the comments below.

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