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Big Brother Recap Week 6

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I'm sorry that this recap is late but unfornately I don't think that when school starts and with a new responsibility I just picked up I can promise that I will have my recaps up on Fridays but I will do my best to have it up before the next episode on Sunday. But without further ados let's talk this week's Big Brother.

***Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing events that have happened in any Big Brother up to and including the episode that was aired on July 25, 2013. I don't  watch  the live feeds so I will not be discussing anything that was not featured in the edit show!**

This week's HOH was a game of pure luck! Each player was given a ball that they rolled down a lane that dropped into a roulete wheel (like the casino game). I don't like these types of competitions because I like to see them work for their power. This week Aaryn won HOH! 

This is the only picture I could find of her during this HOH competition
Their food competition this week was hosted by Poppy Montgomery. They were split into teams and told to balance props on a table. Once the team balanced props they got an envelope. They then had to put  all their props back on shelves in the exact place they were taken from. I don't remember who the have nots were, sorry.
They also competed in their weekly POV competition. This week Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, Amanda, Jessie and Gina Marie played in the POV . They "traveled back in time" to put the original veto back together,  
by fitting their pieces together. This competition was actually pretty entertaining to watch because neither Aaryn, Jessie or GinaMarie seem to know what was going on. In the end Amanda and Spencer were neck and neck but Spencer was the one to pulling it through and winning his first competition!

Nomination and BBMVP
Last week Aaryn made a deal with the house that she would target Howard and Spencer. People who were not aware of the deal suggested other people but instead Aaryn surprised me and nominated...
After winning POV Spencer took himself down and Aaryn was forced to put up another player. She went with Howard's Big Brother best friend...
Yet again America was Big Brother MVP. The voters shocked me by putting up...
The final three nominees ended up being Howard, Candice and Amanda.

The alliances have become the big one, including Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa who are running the house. Then that Alliance splits into and they both have sub alliances with their informants. Amanda and McCrae get information about other house guest from Judd and Andy is the informant for Elissa and Helen. 

David and Aaryn
GinaMarie and Nick
Jeremy and Caitlin
Amanda and McCrae
Once again this week, this power couple is still going strong, but this week they had there work ahead of them when Amanda was put on the block.
Howard and Candice
Although Howard denies they were a showmance, I believe they were. They were under a lot of stress this week, especially after the POV ceremony when they were both put up on the block.

Since the majority of this week's drama came with campaigning I figured that I would combine the sections together. 
After Spencer got off the block he knew he set his sights on Amanda and worked to get her out. But when confronted by Amanda he lied and said he wanted Candice out. A very smart move on Spencer's part. But that news got to Candice and she called a house meeting where she called out Spencer.  Not a smart idea! House meetings never go well and she is drawing more attention to herself.
Meanwhile Amanda knew all her minions were going to vote her way and told Howard she was confident that she was staying. 
Eventually Thursday came around and it was time to vote. The vote came out as...
Amanda: Spencer
Candice: O
Howard: Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Andy, Judd, GinaMarie and Jessie (All of whom were sad to vote him out)
Making the vote 1-0-7 and sending Howard out the door.
I was sad to see Howard leave, he was one of my favorites this season. I loved that they was good at keeping his head on straight and defussing fights.

My Player of the Week:
This week's player of the week won their first competition and worked his butt off to create what could have been the biggest blindside of the season. Even though his plan did not work my player of the week is...
Unfortunately Spencer got caught trying to get Amanda out and the house wasn't willing to flip. Hopefully he can either win HOH or will fly under the radar next week and manage to stay in house for a little bit longer.

What do you think about this week of Big Brother? Were you sad to see Howard leave? Who do you want to see leave next? Who is your favorite player? Let me know in the comments below.

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