Friday, August 30, 2013

Big Brother Week 10

Hello All,

Finally the house guest remembered that they were playing Big Brother and made some big moves! This week has by far been my favorite week this season! 
This week's HOH was a HUGE competition because not only was it an HOH competition but it also was a a competition to see which juror would routine to the HOH competition. In this competition they had to balance on a plank that would move up and down and change angles. While balancing on the wall they would have to catch baseballs that were being thrown at them. The first juror to catch 10 balls or the last one standing if they other 3 fell off would return to the game. The last one to remain standing of jurors was Judd! The juror also elligable to become HOH so the first player to catch 10 balls would become the HOH and Elissa won this week's HOH. I knew that, Elissa winning and Judd coming over would mean an interesting week. 
Source: Helen falling off during the HOH Competition
This week's POV was played by Aaryn, McCrae, Elissa, Amanda, Judd and Gina Marie. In this competition they had to roll the ball up a triangle ramp and then run to the other side and catch and repeat. Every time the ball goes over the point of the triangle they would get a point. The first player to get 250 points would be the winner of this POV, hosted by Zingbot! In the end Amanda pulled out her first win of the season and won the POV.
Like every week before Amanda tried to control the nominations but unlike the past HOH Elissa was strong headed and did what she want. Elissa made it clear that her target was Aaryn but wanted her second choice up as well so Elissa nominated....
After Amanda winning POV and taking McCrae off the blog Elissa had to choice a replacement nominee. Everyone tried to convince Elissa to put up Gina Marie but Elissa didn't like that idea. But the idea that Elissa wouldn't put up her ally made Amanda mad. Although Amanda and Andy tried to get her to nominate Gina Marie, Elissa followed her blame to shake Amanda and McCrae's world and nominated...

The alliance this week that I am most excited about is the only that is forming between Judd and Elissa. After being in jury Judd learned some things about what had been happening in the house and Elissa is alone in the house. I think that if they continue to work well together they maybe able to make it to the final two!
During the drawings for the POV competition Aaryn drew out the chip that said house guest choice. She chose Judd because 1. she knew Elissa plan to backdoor Amanda and 2. she knew Spence wouldn't use the veto and Andy would use it on McCrae. But unfortunately for Aaryn Amanda did not like that choice and didn't hide it well at all. 
Later that night Gina Marie and Elissa were talking in the kitchen and stop whenever Amanda would walk. Soon Amanda calls them out on it and gets into screaming match with Gina Marie. 
Amanda had a hard time this week with not being able to control Elissa and she ended up going off on Elissa telling her how she wasted her HOH and then spent days torturing Elissa and telling her she going home. As Amanda continue tourting Elissa her once allies start to feel uncomfortable and start to real just how much control she has in the house.Which even caused a new alliance to form between GinaMarie, Judd, Andy and Spencer called the exterminators.
This week Aaryn campgained hard to stay in the house while Andy formed an alliance leaving the house guest with the choice of who evicted. Like almost every other eviction the house voted together and they voted for...
Although I don't agree with many of the things that Aaryn has said in the house I was sad to see her go. I truly believe that Aaryn deserves to be in the house more then Andy does because from about week 3 or 4 she has played a phenomenal game going from being to the most hated to escaping nomination and eviction multiple times. 
My Player of the Week:
This week's Player of the Week was a no brainer for me. This person was always thinking ahead went with their gut instead of letting other people control them. They attempted to make a big move and even though that move failed they still were able to make a big move. So, for the second week in a row my player of the week is...

What did you guy think of this week's game? Who do you want to see go home next? What did you think of Aaryn's eviction? Who is your player of the week? Let me know in the comments below!

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