Thursday, August 29, 2013

4 Months Blogging - Stats, What's Coming Up & Guest Posts

Hello All,

Today my blog is another month older! Where as time gone? I feel like just yesterday I was laying in my bed at school, logging into blogger and creating a blog and now its 4 months old and I miss it on the days that I don't blog. 

As I have in past months I'm going to give you guys some stats because every month I am so proud of how far my blog and because when I look back at this blog I want to remember what it was like. I will also give you all the links to my social media and give you some clues as to what is coming up on my blog! 

Monthly Stats;
-Number of Total Posts: This will be 98
-Number of Comments: 32 
-Number of Page Views: 1725

One of the best stats of the month was a couple of days ago my blog broke its record of how many page views it received in one day with 62 page views! So, thank you to my wonderful readers!

Sorry the pictures not that great it was taken by phone from my computer screen.
This Months Most Viewed Posts:
*These are only post written between July 29th and August 28th***

Things Coming Up This Month:
-Labor Day (Although I don't have plans you never know)
-Hunter Hayes concert with my Roomie!
-Mama J's Birthday
-A Future Teacher's Club Event Called Color Combat!
-A Dorm Tour (Both a blog post and vlog!)
-100 Blog Post!

Guest Posts:
This month I did my first guest post, check it out here, and I loved! I don't know if anyone followed me over from Paige's blog but I loved that I got a chance to get my blog out there! Because of that I want to do more guest post and start having more guest posts on my blog. You can blog about anything you want or you could even step in for a week and do a What I Love Wednesday! If you're interested email me at and we'll figure out a date!

Social Media Sites:
-Facebook Fan Page Be the first to know when I post and get insights on what's coming up
- Email: (I'll get back to you within in 24 hours, send me questions, comments or just send me a quick hello)

I absouletly love blogging and I know most people won't read this whole post but for those of who did thank you! For my regular readers out there I want to say thank you for reading. Its always so humbling when I think about how there are people out there who do read what I have to say and enjoy it. 

So, if you are still reading let me know, what would you like see more of? Is there a certain post that I did that you would like to see me turn into series? Let me know in the comments below. 

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