Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Brother Recap: Week 9

Hello All,

I just want to start out by saying that I'm sorry this post isn't that great and might be a little boring. I didn't do a good job paying attention this week to Big Brother because my mind was else where with moving back into school.

For this week's HOH the house guests once again went head to head. Each pair would listen to song that would give a hints towards a competition. The house guest would hit one buzzer that either was the HOH, POV or Have and Have Not to say which competition they thought the clues went with. The last person to buzz in would be eliminated. The first person to buzz in would stay in for another round and choice the next to go up. In the Aaryn, scored her fourth HOH.
For their Have/Have Not competition they were split into teams of 4. They were sent into the back yard where their was a big black box. They had to go into the box where it was pitch dark. The team had to search the box and find a big key. Since they couldn't see what they were touching and would be hit in the face with feather and such. In the end Gina Marie, Elissa, Amanda and Helen were this weeks have nots.
This weeks POV was played by everyone except McCrae and Amanda. POV was Otev, my favorite one to watch. For those of you who don't watch Big Brother Otev is a speaking creature (changes depending on the season) who reads the house guest clues about evicted House guests. Then the house guests have to run through mud, water and other gross things in order to find an object with house guest name on them. The last person to return the object to Otev loses. This week Elissa won her first POV.
Aaryn was approached by both sides of the house with who she should nominate but Aaryn stuck to her 3AM alliance and nominated...
After Elissa won HOH Aaryn had to nominate a replacement. For a few minutes Aaryn did debate back dooring Amanda but instead stuck to the status quo and nominated
The 3AM stayed strong and Helen unsuccessful tried to form an alliance between Aaryn, Gina Marie and Elissa.
McCrae and Amanda are the same.
The day before the POV ceremony Big Brother gave the house guest alcohol and the topic of Wine Gate. Amanda and Aaryn ended up arguing about the series of events. Although the next day they were back to being friends.
Helen campaigned hard to get the votes to stay. And she almost did by convincing Gina Marie and Andy. But has almost every other week this season the house voted together (with the exception of Elissa) to evicted...
My Player of the Week:
This week's player of the week kicked butt during the POV Competition and was strong enough to vote against the crowd. This week's player of the week goes too...

I'm sorry if this week's Big Brother Recap seems a little boring. This season has to be one of the worse seasons of Big Brother but I promise I will finish the Big Brother Series.

If your a Big Brother Fan who do you want to see go home next week? Who do you want to win? Who is your player of the week? Let me know in the comments below.

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