Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Impression of Big Brother 16

Hello All,

If you've been around these parts for since last year then you may know that I LOVE Big Brother! Last year each week I wrote a weekly recap and shared my thoughts and I also assign certain accomplishment (i.e. winning HOH) I certain number of points in order to determine the best players of the season. I had so much fun doing that last year I decided to keep up and do it again this year! But more about that on Saturday.

Today I'm going to tell you about my first impressions of the players that I gathered by watching the CBS pre-interviews which you can watch here.

Before I begin I do want to share a disclaimer that nothing I say has anything to do with the player as an individual, all of my opinions are based strictly on how I think the personalities and answers they gave in the interview. Any dislike I towards them has nothing to do with them personally.

The first few people I'm going to share are people who I don't think will go far in the game and I will explain why.

One of the first things she said during her interview is that she has a big personality and was hoping to lay low for a few weeks. But she quickly reminded be of JoJo from Big Brother 14 whose personality got her evicted while her team mates laid low. Also she modeled in Maxim which may cause her to fall under the model curse sending her out second.

Unfortunately as much as I liked him I don't see him making it far in this season. He did say in his interview that he's not a good liar and that he wants to befriend everyone. Unfortnatley in the world of Big Brother, nice guys rarely finish first. 

Nicole immediately reminded me of Aaryn from last seen and not just by looks. She had some of Aaryn personality in her, not that I think she'll be spurring racial slurs, she just has the young, I want to have fun attitude. Because of her similarities with Aaryn she might be taking an early exit as well.

 If I'm being honest I don't really know what to think about Victoria other then she's interesting. Something just tells me she won't make it far in this game. 

The next group of people that I don't have any really likes or dislike towards. They are just mute points that will probably bring them to mid-season, possibly jury.

She seems super sweet and comes from a big family which is all I really learned in her interview because she was super quite. I hope to see her go far but I don't see her making it into the top 5.

Much like Amber I don't feel like I know a lot about her because she seemed nervous and shy. I can see her being a little bit of floater.

Looking at my notes from watching the interview videos the only real impression I got from her was that she was confident. 

Caleb seems like a nice guy, although he seems like he can turn the nice off if he needs to. During his interview he talked about how he watched season 8-15 before leaving for the show making me believe he's new to the show but that doesn't mean anything negative.  But he did say he was interested in a showmance. Dun-Dun-Dun. 

He's a self proclaimed conartist which should make it interesting, especially his DR segments. We'll have to see which of the house guest can see through him.

The next group of people are ones that I love but aren't my picks to win. 

She was so funny and nice and entertaining and I absolutely love her! I can't wait to watch her because I know she's going to be entertaining.

Devin will fall under the body builder stereotype but he super sweet. He was talking about how much he loves his daughter! That might be his biggest downfall of his game because he quit being his professional baseball career because he didn't want to be away for his daughter. But I loved how sweet she is.

If he looks familiar at all its because he's Ariana Grande's sister. So, he's the celebrity of the group and if anyone figure its out that could be his downfall, much like Elissa last season. But he seems enthusiastic and funny and he's definitely one that I think I'll love this season!

Derrick has a lot of strengths in this came and I actually debated whether or not to put him in the last category about who I could see winning but I'm worried that his biggest pit fall might be the same as Devin that he has a little daughter.Although I could see him and Devin getting really close and forming an alliance.

May just be my BB crush, he sweet, athletic and looks like he loves the game. I want to say I can see him winning but the really good looking guys don't always make it far int he game but I do think he'll make it far if he plays his cards right and chooses the right alliances.

The final two that I'm going to talk about are my picks to win.

He looks and sounds like a surfer dude which normally gets them stereotype of not being smart but I think he is very smart and will shock everyone with how far he gets or wins. I dare call Hayden my sleeper pick.

 Christine is my pick to win! She is nerdy, meek and a super fan of the show. I think that she has the smarts to win and she seems to know a lot about the social game. She also has the idea of having an alliance with some on the other side of the house and keeping each other safe. An idea that will work phenomenally if she chooses smartly.

And those are my first thoughts about this season's Big Brother cast. If you watch the show what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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