Monday, June 23, 2014

Have I Found My Place?

Hello All,

Today we're going to stay on the more serious side of life. Do you want to know a secret? For a lot of spring semester I was thinking about transferring! I was looking to transferring to a school that is closer to home and becoming a commuter. For some reason I was feeling extremely homesick this year, probably because of all the responsibility that I had taken on this year. Or because I spent the whole year trying to decide if I wanted to change my major, which was basically the biggest decision of my life so far.

Towards the end of the semester I decided that I had friends, I had a job, overall basically I already have a life there. I decided to stay, at least for one more semester. But after my cruise I started second guessing self again. But I kept going along with the idea that I would return in the fall. 

A few days ago I had to run by my school to pick up some paper work things from my mom. It also happen to be one of the freshmen orientation weekend. As I was leaving the building where I was picking up my paperwork ran into this kid who wasn't so sure where he was going and he asked me and I was able to answer his question.

I decided to walk around campus for a little while because I had time to kill before heading to work. I then ran into a very meek looking girl and her mother. They looked confused so I stopped and asked if I could help them. They told me where they were looking for  and I gave them directions and then told them to have a good day. As I was walking away I heard them whisper about how nice that was and how nice everyone on our campus seemed to be.

And it reminded me why I loved my college, everyone is very nice. My school has worked extremely hard to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and safe. And I have.

So, I my walk back to my car I thought about it. I thought about how as I walked across my campus I felt like I was home. I had a hard time imagining going back to that stage where you don't know your way across campus, being nervous that you won't make any new friends. But I feel more confident about the idea that my school is the right place for me.

So, maybe by the end of this semester I will once again change my mind  but fore right now it's all making sense and falling into place. 

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