Thursday, June 12, 2014

DCL 2014 Recap: Royal Court {4}

Hello All,

Its Thursday and as it has become its become a day all about Travel! So, let's do some more recap on my DCL Recap!

Today I'm going to tell you about Royal Court which is another one of Disney nightly sit down resturants although this one is often open for a sit down lunch as well. We actually did do a sit down lunch there one day, which was nice.

The first time we ate there wasn't a specific theme, but our second time was semi formal night. Although you really don't need to get to fancy, I wore a high low skirt and white lazy shirt with my white denim jacket, and I fit in with the rest of the crowd. 

In all honesty food wise this restaurant was probably most disappointing. I just wasn't a huge fan of the flavors of the cheeses they used in my two types of food. All they did have a lava cake our second night and that was yummy.

The decor was beautiful though and totally made of Royality, I wish I had taken some time to take more pictures of the decor. Speaking of decor enjoy some of the pictures I took of Royal Court.

A Whole New World mural, our view from lunch sessions
Aladdin and Jasmine 
Prince Philip and Aurora 
I thought this was really cool, each section of the menu featured a different princess iconic symbol.

A crown for Sleeping Beauty, I'm assuming because it looks like her crown
An apple for Snow White
A rose for Beauty and the Beast
Unfornately I deleted Cinderella glass slipper picture but don't worry she was invited. And hey let me know who is you're favorite princess is in the comments. You'll find my out in a few weeks, I promise! 

The pretty menu cover
Our view from our table, and our head waiter
The bread basket
Lobester Mac and Cheese...disappointing 
Creme Berule (is that how you spell it?) it was decent.
Parmesan Chicken in a cheese sauce 
And my lava cake...yummy :)
And those are my thoughts on Royal Court. Next time I'm going to tell you about some of the excursions for our trip. So, let me know in the comments who you're favorite Disney Princess is, I'd love to know! 


  1. I really want to go on Disney Cruise. Is it fun for adults? My husband and I do not have children but I'm a huge Disney fan. I go to the parks every year (: By the way the food you ate looks delicious!

    1. I think that they are a really fun whether you have kids or not. They have all different events and activities for all different ages, its actually my dream Honeymoon spot one day. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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