Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dan, Shay, Danielle and Hunter!

Hello All,

Over a month ago I went to a concert with Hannah and I'm just now getting to writing about, but I hope the post was worth the wait.

The concert was Hunter Hayes (cue the drooling) with Dan+Shay and Danielle Bradbury as openers. And the concert was so much fun. Before I start telling you about concert itself, let me tell you about how we found out about the concert. One day, I was scrolling through my facebook page, when I saw a status about the concert and told Hannah. We agreed that we HAD to see it. 

The first performers were Dan+Shay. If you have been around these parts for a long time you may remember that Hannah and I first saw Dan+Shay when we saw Hunter Hayes at the Big E and fell in love with them. 

They went on stage right on time and Hannah and I missed the first song because we were waiting in line for Merch. But the parts that we did see were ah-mazing! They had a great stage presences, the songs were good and they really vibed off the audience. 

A little while later, Danielle Bradbury came on. I didn't really know much about her. I mean I knew she won the voice and that she was young. I also knew her first single, Heart of Dixie which I really liked.

She was okay, she had a good stage presence and has a bright future as a performer but I personally didn't like her. I might listen to her songs from time to time but I don't know if I'll ever go to a concert where she's the headliner but I won't avoid a concert she's part of. Hannah on the other hand loved her and thought she was great. 
She rarely looked toward our side of the stadium so I don't have any pictures of her
And then Hunter Hayes came on. I don't know enough positive adjectives to describe his performance. For one he was on stage for a whole 2 hours. No costume changes (not that guys really do that lol). He dances and sings and always seems to have a great time while on stage! 

The most amazing part of watching him perform was to see just how much he loves his fans. He thanked us so many times for being there and asked to have him back many, many more times. In my opinion, yes Hunter you can come back as many times as you want, because you are just that amazing. 

He's in the right corner
The stage in the audience that he sang on

Singing with Danielle
Singing Wanted! I'm in love
Here are some tweets from that night.

I bought their CD and listened to for like a week straight. Right now I'm on Hunter's new CD Kick right now
Still #Dying
Sorry for the typo lol
And that was the Hunter Hayes concert!

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