Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Concert

Hello All,

About a month ago (Wow! Time flies!) I went to see Hunter Hayes in concert and he was amazing. I went with Hannah and we went to see him at the Big E. You can read about getting into the fair here and exploring the Big E here

I'm not sure if I ever mention this to you guys here before but I'm very obsessed with being on time. Being late, actually not being early makes me anxious. Hannah knows and deals with this fact about me so when it came time to get into the arena we got there pretty early and checked in.

There was a radio station who was doing a drawing to meet Hunter Hayes at the end of the concert. Hannah and I put our names into the drawing but we weren't drawn.

We relaxed in the stand and ate some french fries while we waited for the show to begin. We people watched and we saw a lot of pre-teens on Father/Daughter dates and it was so sweet. I also two girls wearing awesome homemade shirts that had the lyrics to I want crazy on them. If you happen to be reading this...your shirt was awesome!

Soon the opening act came on and they were awesome. The opening act was Dan and Shay and if you haven't heard from them check them out. Here I'll make it easy for you and put a video with the song below.

Wasn't that song great?!?!?!?

Soon Hunter Hayes came on and he was phenomenal! He had a great stage presence and was definitely worth going to. I actually plan on trying to get tickets for next time he's in my area! Every time people asked me what I thought of the concert I tell them I am more in love then I was before!

And now here are some of the amazing pictures that Hannah took. My phone was dying and had been on the verge of dying all day but luckily I have a fantastic roommate that let me steal her pictures!

Our view from out seats
Another view
Pre-concert set up
Roomies! (LtoR: Me and Hannah) 
The Ferris Wheel that we could see in the background
He's coming!

He really was fantastic! If you have any like for his music and recommend going to his concert because you feelings towards him will grow and you will love him more. I promise!

After the concert Hannah and I stayed behind to see if we could meet Dan and Shay because they said they were going to go out and meet people but they never did. :(

We headed out of the Big E grabbing a snack on the way out. And headed home, we were home by 12:30 and I was asleep by 1 AM, happy after a great day! (Was that too cheesy? I think yes!)

Who is your favorite person to see in concert? Let me know in the comments below!

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