Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Home for the Weekend

Hello All,

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I know that I did. Because for the first time since September I actually got to go home! I had to work until 11 PM on Friday but once my shift was over I hopped in my car and drove the hourish home and it was totally worth the wait. 

I got home at around midnight and Mama J was up waiting for me. I sat on the couch and talked to her for a while but I was getting sleepy and want to finally get to sleep in my brand new bed. (Side Note: I recently got my first full size bed for home but didn't get to sleep in until this weekend). I slept like a log until about 10:45. I got up and ate some food, read some blogs (I'm so behind in my blog reading, I haven't even got to some of my favorite bloggers Halloween posts!) and waited for Mama J to get home from work.

Once she got home I got ready to go out because we were going shopping! Our first stop was Kohls because I wanted to buy gifts to donate to children in need for Christmas. The kids I was buying gifts for our was through my future teacher's club where each year we adopt two children and buy them gifts for Christmas. I bought each child a pair of Pajamas and Mama J donated socks to each child.

After Kohls we went to dinner at Bertucci, if you've been there you probably know how good their rolls are. Only reason I went.

Since we were at the mall we went to Macy's because I had been looking for leggins that go all the way down to my ankles so I could where them with an pair of boots. Then I left them in Mama J's car before I came back to school.

Our last stop of the night was Target because I had to buy stuff an event that my Future Teacher's club is putting on Friday (I might do a post about what it is and the games we played). I also bought myself a new wallet because my old one was getting a little ratty.

When I got home that i night I did laundry and relaxed at home. Sunday I slept in, finished up my laundry and got ready to go back to school. I had to leave for work about 3 PM, I was sad to leave home because the next time I'll be able to go home is Thanksgiving and then probably not again until Christmas.

What is your favorite part of going home? Let me know in the comments below. 

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